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What Does “Consignee Premises Closed” Mean? (DHL)

You’re expecting a delivery via DHL and have received a “Consignee Premises Closed” status update.

What does this mean and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Consignee Premises Closed

The “Consignee Premises Closed” tracking update means that DHL tried to deliver the package but the recipient (consignee) was not available to receive it. It is simply alternative wording to the attempted delivery alert.

Consignee Premises Closed – Guide

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All carriers have slightly ambiguous are unnecessarily misleading tracking updates in their repertoire. The “Consignee Premises Closed” alert is an example of one from DHL.

Unpacking the “Premises Closed” part of the update and you would be forgiven for thinking DHL was referring to commercial premises that were closed for business for the day.

This is not the case. As explained in the summary above, “Consignee Premises Closed” basically means that no one was available at the recipient’s address and the package could not be delivered.

OK, I get that.. but I was at home all day!

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If you have received the “Consignee Premises Closed” update from DHL, yet you know you were home all day, it is understandably frustrating.

Unfortunately, there are a number of ways this update can be triggered even though you were home.

Legitimate reasons include access to the delivery address couldn’t be made, or the DHL driver being unable to make it to the address in question within the scheduled time.

Yes, there are update codes for this that the driver should have selected.

However, whether the mistake was in error or just chosen because the “Consignee Premises Closed” amounts to the same thing, (i.e delivery will be reattempted), is probably a moot point.

The fact is, you haven’t received your item and it can be very annoying.

What to do After a “Consignee Premises Closed” Alert

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In normal situations where the DHL driver made it to your front door to find that the consignee was indeed not available, a delivery note should have been left.

This will provide details on any potential redelivery schedule as well as give you the opportunity to contact DHL to make alternative arrangements.

In cases where the DHL driver didn’t even make it to your door or post box, (as in the examples above where you might have been home all day), you will still need to contact DHL.

Even if redelivery details are provided within your tracking page, you may still want to make contact should alternative arrangements need to be made.

Or to simply complain, if you are genuinely vexed by the situation.

Other Updates Similar to “Consignee Premises Closed”

As this alert amounts to a failed delivery attempt, similar updates include just that. As well as, “No Access to Delivery Location” or “Delivery Exception Animal Interference“.

Final Words

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Normally, aside from the strange choice of wording, the “Consignee Premises Closed” update should come as no surprise.

The recipient (consignee) was not at the premises to receive the package and the DHL driver has selected this update to communicate that fact.

You will hopefully also have a delivery note so that arrangements for a follow-up delivery can be made, (if not already scheduled).

In situations where further information about the delivery is required, the consignee should contact DHL directly.

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