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Awaiting Collection by the Consignee – DHL Tracking

You’re expecting a delivery via DHL and have received an “Awaiting Collection by the Consignee” status update.

What does this mean and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Awaiting Collection by the Consignee

The “Awaiting Collection by the Consignee” tracking update simply means that DHL is expecting the recipient to collect the package in person. The Consignee is the name to which the shipment is addressed.

Awaiting Collection by the Consignee -Guide

DHL Pickup Station
A DHL Pickup Station

Essentially, this is a straightforward tracking alert to understand once you realize that the consignee is the person to that the shipment is addressed.

However, there can be confusion in terms of where DHL expects the recipient to pick up the package from.

In a normal situation where pickup by the consignee was prearranged and the package is waiting at a local DHL facility or pickup station, there are no issues.

Your tracking page will provide details of where the package is located, you can find out what times the facility is open if applicable, and make the necessary arrangements.

Awaiting Collection by the Consignee

However, there is the possibility that you have reached this article because you didn’t arrange for the recipient to pick it up in person, and/or the DHL facility in question is nowhere near the destination address.

There is actually a workaround for this and the problem could merely be the DHL tracking system.

I Didn’t Arrange to Collect and the Package is Miles Away

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If, as the recipient, you have found yourself in this situation, the first thing you should do is check your tracking number in a universal tracking app.

Many customers have reported that when their package is showing as ready for pickup in a facility hundreds of miles from where they live, it has been due to DHL no longer tracking it.

A universal tracker will provide you with more information on the status of the shipment if it is in fact still moving toward the destination address.


It seems that this strange anomaly can sometimes happen when DHL has used a third-party carrier or even the postal service.

The last scan that DHL does before handing over the shipment to another carrier is triggering this “Awaiting Collection by the Consignee” alert.

In truth, however, the package is actually in transit toward the recipient.

If the universal app does not show any newer updates, you should contact DHL to have the item shipped closer to you.

“Awaiting Collection by the Consignee” Under Normal Circumstances

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Going back to when this update is triggered under normal circumstances. The update will be accompanied by information on where you have to pick up the package from.

You will need to bring a valid government-issued form of personal I.D, in order to collect the item.

You can find out the address details and opening times of DHL pickup points here.

Final Words

When the collection by the consignee has been prearranged, there is no confusion involved with this update.

If however, an “Awaiting Collection by the Consignee” alert comes as a surprise to you, you will need to make inquiries.

Start by checking the tracking number in a universal app to see if it is in fact moving closer to you. If you find no extra information there, you will need to contact DHL.

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