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Attempted Delivery Abroad – USPS Tracking Guide

You’ve sent an international parcel via USPS and have received an “Attempted Delivery Abroad” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Has there been a problem with the shipment and what do you do now?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Attempted Delivery Abroad

The “Attempted Delivery Abroad” status update means exactly what it describes. The international mail item has reached the destination location and a delivery attempt was made. However, when the update is triggered it means delivery could not be achieved (most likely no one was around to provide a signature) and the item is either with the driver or back at the local carrier facility.

Attempted Delivery Abroad – Guide

The “Attempted Delivery Abroad” means the same as when you might receive a “delivery attempted” notification in your home country, only now the attempt has been made abroad.

Whether you are the sender or the recipient, you will want to know what has happened to the parcel.

The most likely outcome is that no one was at the destination address to provide a signature of receipt.

Depending on the policy of the carrier, (remember, although you shipped the item via USPS, in the destination country it will be the local postal service or third party carrier in charge of final delivery), delivery reattempts will be made.

However, a delivery notice should have been left with details and the recipient should try to locate this.

“Attempted Delivery Abroad” – What Next?

As the sender, you may want to contact the recipient to inform them of the tracking update and that a delivery attempt was made.

They may be able to shed some light as to why the item couldn’t be delivered, and what arrangements they have / will make.

With a delivery notice, the recipient should be able to arrange a redelivery at a more convenient time or even organize to pick up the package in person from the local depot.

As the sender, there is very little more you can do.

Is There a Problem with the Package After an “Attempted Delivery Abroad” Update?

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There is usually no issue with the package if you receive this update. The item has passed customs after all and has made its way to the locality of the recipient. It is just simple logistical issues that have prevented final delivery.

If you are the recipient that has received the “Attempted Delivery Abroad” tracking update, but no delivery notice was left, you should contact the carrier responsible for delivery.

You will be able to ascertain if a re-attempt at delivery will be made automatically, where the package is currently, and if appropriate make arrangements for a pick-up if convenient.

Essentially, the onus is on the recipient to ensure that successful delivery of the item can be made.

Final Words

Essentially, the “Attempted Delivery Abroad” tracking update is informing parties that the mail item has reached its destination and an attempt to deliver was made.

The recipient will either receive a delivery notification with details of what happens next and if necessary, should contact the carrier to assist with arrangements.

The sender can do very little except get in touch with the recipient to help ensure attempts at retrieving the mail item are being made.

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  1. My item CY137815457US had been sent to Coventry parcel Force uk it has been there since 15th sep no form had been sent to me so that I could pay the custom charge no ref number was sent to me either so parcel Force would not except there cock up if it has been sent back to America I have requested to the sellers to send it back


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