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Shipment Still not Received by Aramex – Meaning

You’re expecting (or have sent) a delivery via Aramex and have received a “Shipment Still not Received by Aramex” status update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this alert and is there anything you need to do

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Shipment Still not Received by Aramex – Meaning

This update means that Aramex has not yet received the package from the sender. Essentially, the sender has created an order with Aramex and generated a shipping label but the item has not been physically handed over to Aramex.

Shipment Still not Received by Aramex – Guide

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This is a relatively self-explanatory status alert from Aramex

Most carriers have similar updates to describe the fact that a shipping order has been made, (and a tracking number assigned), but the physical package has yet to enter the respective delivery network.

The “Shipment Still not Received by Aramex” differs slightly in that it is triggered if there is a slight delay in the package being handed over to Aramex.

In essence, it is a reminder to the sender to make speed-up arrangements for the package to be handed over to Aramex.

It is also to notify the recipient that physical progress within the delivery network has yet to begin.

What to do if You Receive a “Shipment Still not Received by Aramex” Alert?

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The Recipient

If you are the recipient, this update could be irritating to see.

It implies that the sender is dragging their heels and still has the package with them.

You have two options here… either immediately contact the sender to see what the delay is, or allow a longer time for them to hand over the package to Aramex.

The Sender

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If you are the sender and you are running a busy eCommerce store, there could be a number of reasons why there has been a delay in getting the order across to Aramex.

If you see this update and there have been inefficiencies on your (or your businesses’) part, you will need to rectify this.

You need to make speedy arrangements to get the package to Aramex.

Once you have done this, the package will receive its first physical scan by the carrier and the delivery process will begin.

But Aramex Does Have the Package!


So what happens if the “Shipment Still not Received by Aramex” update is triggered and you as the sender (or the sender has insisted to you as the recipient), that package is in fact with Aramex?

First, this is very common and a new update should replace this very soon.

Basically, it is more than possible for Aramex to have the package and for the first physical scan to have not taken place yet.

The sender may have used a drop box for instance.

Until Aramex picks up the package and it reaches the first facility, the “Shipment Still not Received by Aramex” alert can remain.

The same applies if an Aramex driver collects the item and doesn’t scan it immediately. 

Only once the package enters the delivery network at the Aramex facility will a new update be triggered.

In other words, there is often a time delay that can amount to as much as 24hrs (depending on backlog at the facility); where Aramex has the package but the database does not yet realize it because the first physical scan has yet to take place.

Tracking Stuck on “Shipment Still not Received by Aramex”

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If this update does stick around for more than 2 or 3 days, and the sender has definitely handed the package to Aramex, the issue is with the carrier.

The package may have got mislaid inside the collection vehicle, or might still be in a dropbox. 

It could also be delayed inside the facility.

Whatever the reason, Aramex does have it, but progress has been halted.

In these circumstances, either the sender or the recipient should contact Aramex customer services to find out more.

Final Words

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If you see the “Shipment Still not Received by Aramex” alert there has been a delay in the physical package entering the delivery network.

Either the sender still has it, or it has been handed to Aramex and that carrier has yet to scan it.

If the former is not the case, I recommend that you wait 2 or 3 days for Aramex to scan the item. This would prove that progress is being made.

You should contact Aramex for more information if no new updates are triggered after this time.

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  1. One addition to the ‚Shipment still not received by Aramex‘ status: Aramex works with a number of international partners for local delivery. For example, in Germany they have teamed up with DPD. Packages from the US to Germany are routed via the Czech Republic for customs clearance and are then forwarded to Germany. The ‚still not received‘ status may show up when the package has been handed over to DPD. At this point, the Aramex website will show no progress until the next scan in the destination country, usually 2-3 days later.


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