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“Shipment Received at Aramex Origin Sorting Facility” Meaning

You’re expecting (or have sent) a delivery via Aramex and have received a “Shipment Received at Aramex Origin Sorting Facility” status update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: “Shipment Received at Aramex Origin Sorting Facility”

This status alert means that the package has arrived at an Aramex facility close to the sender (origin). If you dropped the package at an Aramex drop-off location or the item has been picked up from the sender, the next stage in the delivery network will be the origin sorting facility.

“Shipment Received at Aramex Origin Sorting Facility” – Guide

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Essentially, the package is at the very beginning of the shipment process when this update is triggered.

The sender has passed the item onto Aramex, (either at a drop-off location, customer depot or had it picked up); and now the package has arrived at the closest sorting facility.

A physical scan of the package will take place as it enters the origin facility and this is the update you are seeing on your Aramex tracking page.

What Happens After this Update?

Shipment Received at Aramex Origin Sorting Facility

What happens next is dependent on where the shipment is traveling to. 

A domestic shipment within the USA (if the destination address is in a similar region as the origin facility), will simply be sorted with other packages going to the same area and will be loaded onto an Aramex vehicle for despatch to another facility in that location.

However, if the destination address is further afield and plane transit is required, the package will be sorted and sent to a facility based at the appropriate airport.

Likewise, international packages will be dispatched to an airport for overseas transit.

How Long Until Delivery After a “Shipment Received at Aramex Origin Sorting Facility” Update?

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Due to the fact the shipment is very much at the beginning of its shipment journey when you see this update; there are clearly several days left before delivery.

The tracking page and the speed of the service purchased will provide an indication, as estimated delivery windows will be stated.

However, a domestic shipment should take around 3 to 5 days, with an international delivery taking up to 10 days.

Tracking Stuck on “Shipment Received at Aramex Origin Sorting Facility”

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With the aforementioned delivery ranges in mind, I recommend that you do not stress if you see this update for several days or more.

The chances are your package is moving and will be with you in the estimated delivery window.

It just so happens that you are not seeing any tracking updates.

Shipment Received at Aramex Origin Sorting Facility

However, if it gets close to the end date of the proposed window, you will have no choice but to contact Aramex if the tracking remains stuck.

At this point, a representative will need to look into what is causing the delay.

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