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Fedex “Shipment Exception Weather Delay” – Full Guide

You’re expecting a delivery from FedEx and you have received a “Shipment Exception Weather Delay” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your shipment when you receive this update and how long will it be delayed?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: “Shipment Exception Weather Delay”

The FedEx “Shipment Exception Weather Delay” tracking update means that severe weather conditions have impacted the progress of the shipment. As a result, delivery could be delayed.

Fedex “Shipment Exception Weather Delay” – Guide

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This alert is relatively self-explanatory in terms of what is happening with the shipment.

Weather conditions can potentially affect the progress of a package during any part of the shipment journey.

Long-distance shipments (either international or US domestic) can be greatly delayed if severe snow storms impact the number of flights.

This happened most recently right across America during the 2022 holiday season

Blizzards and high winds grounded thousands of flights and caused massive delays for both passengers and cargo at what is one of the busiest times.

The “Shipment Exception Weather Delay” update was used by FedEx on a large number of shipments during this period.

How Long Will Your Shipment be Delayed?

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There is a problem with this update.

The fact that it doesn’t provide much information on where your package is and how long the delay might be is frustrating.

In fact, you may have reached this article because you would like more details.

There are a couple of things you can work out from the alert.

First, and it may seem obvious to say, the update that preceded the alert will help ascertain how far the item is in the shipment journey.

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A “Shipment Exception Weather Delay” alert right after the package has “Left FedEx Origin Facility” would imply that the delay has occurred close to the origin location.

If you are seeing the update after the package has recently arrived “At Destination sort facility” you know that the package is being delayed due to severe weather close to the recipient’s address.

As for how long the item will be delayed, this does depend on the severity of the weather and the ability of FedEx to mitigate the issue.

The important fact to remember is that the carrier is aware of the problem, (the package is not lost or waylaid).

In most cases, the delay should only be in the region of two or three days.

Tracking Stuck on “Shipment Exception Weather Delay”

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Real frustration can occur if this update sticks around for too long and the FedEx tracking seemingly stuck.

Furthermore, you may have Googled the weather conditions in the area the package is supposedly held-up, and there don’t seem to be any issues. The weather is fine.

Is FedEx just triggering the alert as a cover-up for general logistical problems? Is the whole thing a complete lie?

While a related search on websites such as Reddit, might support that view, it is unlikely.

Remember, it is not an exact science to pinpoint where your package is delayed. It is safe to assume that the weather is the reason.

Shipment Exception Weather Delay

The problem if your package is stuck on the “Shipment Exception Weather Delay” alert for more than 5 days is clear… FedEx has not rectified the situation.

At this point (I.e 5 or more days of no further progress updates), you have every reason to contact FedEx for more information on where your package is.

However, I would recommend that 5 days be the length of time you wait until making inquiries. 

Contact FedEx too soon and they will not deem it particularly late in terms of the shipment.

The subtext being you will be expected to just wait longer for the item to begin moving again.

Final Words

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The “Shipment Exception Weather Delay” is clearly annoying.

In most cases where the severity of the weather conditions is low, your package will begin moving again in a day or two.

If this is the case, the delivery date may not even change as FedEx will attempt to mitigate the delay.

Anything longer than this and you will be looking at an adjusted delivery date.

In severe weather conditions that are prolonged, your item may end up stuck and you will have no choice but to contact FedEx to see just how long you will be expected to wait.

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