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What Does “Send Item to Domestic Location (INB)” Mean?

You’re expecting a delivery from overseas and you have received a “Send Item to Domestic Location (INB)” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this update and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Send Item to Domestic Location (INB)

The “Record item customs information (INB)” status update means that the shipment has entered customs clearance and information on the import has been taken. INB is short for “Inward Bound”, which means that the package is with customs inside the destination country.

Send Item to Domestic Location (INB) – Guide

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Essentially, the “Send Item to Domestic Location” tracking alert is a good one to receive.

Many carriers use this status to inform customers that the shipment has reached the penultimate leg of the transit journey.

Send Item to Domestic Location (INB) – What Happens Next?

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As mentioned, the shipment is on its way to a carrier facility or post office in the vicinity of the destination address when the “Send Item to Domestic Location” update is triggered.

Once it arrives at the facility it will be sorted and prepared for final delivery through whatever mode of transport is used in the locale, (i.e truck, bike, or even by foot as the postman in my hometown back in the U.K quaintly does). 

How Long Until Delivery After a “Send Item to Domestic Location (INB)” Alert?

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Due to the fact, the package is on its way to a local facility, delivery is very close when you receive this alert.

It should generally take no longer than 24hrs to reach the facility/post office.

A further 24hrs should be allowed for the package to be sorted within the local facility/post office, with final delivery also taking place within that time frame.

In other words, if there are no disruptions to the normal chain of delivery, you should expect delivery within 48rs of receiving the “Send Item to Domestic Location” update.

My Tracking is Stuck on “Send Item to Domestic Location (INB)”

Summary: Send Item to Domestic Location (INB)

If your tracking ends up stuck on this update for more than 48hrs, (i.e there are no updates to signify that the item has reached the local facility or has been sorted for final delivery), you may want to reach out to the carrier.

You will want to double-check which carrier is responsible for final delivery within your tracking.

For international shipments, it will not always be the same carrier that was carrying out transit in the origin country.

For example, if you have ordered something from an eCommerce platform in China, your package could have already passed through several logistical services before reaching the USA.

Now it has reached the “domestic location” USPS could very well be carrying out the last-mile delivery.

In other words, if a problem has occurred, USPS will be the service you need to contact, not China Post or whatever carrier started the shipment. 

So be sure to check this before you begin making calls or emails to the carrier.

Common Reasons the Shipment is Stuck

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At this stage of the transit journey, (i.e with customs clearance completed and the item on its way to the domestic location), there are far fewer issues that can impact delivery.

However, adverse weather and traffic or vehicle malfunction will cause delays to your package if you are unlucky.

There could also be a backlog at the final carrier facility, with high volumes causing your package to be delayed in being assigned a truck for last-mile delivery.

It is also not unheard of for a package to miss a scan upon arrival at the facility.

This will mean you won’t receive any further updates until the driver has the item and attempts or succeeds with delivery.

Similar Updates to “Send Item to Domestic Location (INB)”

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Not all carriers use the “Send Item to Domestic Location” status alert.

However, similar updates that essentially mean the package is on its way to the final facility in the delivery chain include: “Arrived at Delivery Office“, “At the Customers Local Depot“, and “Shipment at Local Distribution Center“.

Final Words

Overall, the “Send Item to Domestic Location” tracking update is a positive one to receive.

It means that your package is close to delivery and should be expected within the next 48hrs.

If several business days do pass, and you see no further updates you should call the carrier.

The fact the item is so close to the end of its journey means the issue is normally a trivial one.

With any luck, the carrier will be able to get the shipment moving again, with delivery taking place soon after.

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