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What Does “Record Item Customs Information (INB)” Mean?

You’re expecting a delivery from overseas and you have received a “Record Item Customs Information (INB)” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Has a problem occurred during customs and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Record Item Customs Information (INB)

The “Record item customs information (INB)” status update means that the shipment has entered customs clearance and information on the import has been taken. INB is short for “Inward Bound”, which means that the package is with customs inside the destination country.

Record Item Customs Information (INB) – Guide


The “Record item customs information (INB)” update can be a frustrating one to receive as it normally signifies a delay.

It means that information on the shipment has been recorded by customs staff, but in most cases, it can be difficult to ascertain if clearance has been granted.

Essentially, this means you have to wait for follow-up alerts to know the actual status of your shipment.

However, the fact you have googled searched “Record item customs information (INB)” to reach this page, means your tracking is probably stuck on this update.

Tracking Stuck on “Record Item Customs Information (INB)”

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If your tracking is stuck, the first step is to remain patient.

This update does not mean that there is an issue with the shipment, it just means that it is being delayed through customs as information is recorded.

In most cases, the package will eventually work its way through the clearance process without you needing to do anything.

Looking at online comments from others that have experienced this relatively rare tracking alert, shipments do get moving again within a week or so.

Therefore, I recommend that you wait for at least 7 business days before you make inquiries.

Pro-active Steps While you Wait

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One step you can take while you wait for the package to be cleared is to use a universal tracking app. We recommend 17Track or ParcelsApp.

Essentially, if your package has cleared customs and has been picked up by a 3rd party carrier for delivery, you might be missing the updates.

A universal tracking app will scan multiple carriers for details. If your package has been scanned and updated information is available, these services will be able to locate it.

Contact From the Carrier

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If the shipment is stuck and more information is required by customs before release is granted, you should be contacted by the carrier.

This will be in the form of status updates on your tracking page or direct contact via phone call or email.

In some cases the sender will need to be involved as the information required will only be available through them.

In situations where tax or duty is owed, you (as the recipient) will need to cover the charges in order for the shipment to be released.

Tracking Definitely Stuck on “Record Item Customs Information (INB)” – What Now?

Record Item Customs Information

If you have allowed a reasonable amount of time to pass (over 7 days) and no further updates are sent or the carrier has not reached out to you, you will have to contact customer services.

If you do not know which carrier is responsible for the final delivery, you should start by contacting the carrier that was in charge in the origin country.

They will either be able to conduct the necessary inquiries or point you in the direction of the carrier that can.

You should also contact the seller as their involvement may be required if the item is in fact lost.

Final Words

While the “Record item customs information (INB)” update can be frustrating if it coincides with a delay to the shipment, the best step you can take in the first instance is to wait.

Very often, the package will make its way through the delivery infrastructure. Once it is moving again you will receive an update from the carrier and delivery will be imminent.

In cases where clearance problems exist, you should be contacted.

However, if a significant amount of time passes, (around 7 business days), you should start making inquiries with both the sender and the carrier in order to locate your shipment.

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