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Arrived at Delivery Office: Tracking Status Guide

You’re expecting an international package (or an order from AliExpress) and have received an “Arrived at Delivery Office” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this status alert and is there anything you should do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Arrived at Delivery Office

The “Arrived at Delivery Office” status alert means that the shipment has arrived at the carrier facility (delivery office) where the package will be sorted for final delivery. Essentially, it has entered a facility close to the destination address.

Arrived at Delivery Office – Guide


Receiving the “Arrived at Delivery Office” update is good news.

If you are dealing with an AliExpress shipment from China, the chances are several weeks have already passed since you made the original order.

The fact the package has now arrived at the delivery office means it is nearing the end of its journey.

How Soon will my Package Arrive After the “Arrived at Delivery Office” Update?

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Although making assumptions can make an ass out of you and me, if everything runs as it should, your package should arrive within 2 to 3 days of you receiving the “Arrived at Delivery Office” alert.

The process is simple enough. Inside the delivery office, the package will be sorted for so that it goes on the correct truck for final delivery.

In a facility experiencing normal mail volumes and no logistical issues (caused by weather, staffing, or technical problems), this should take no more than a day.

The item is then loaded onto the truck and will be delivered on the next round undertaken by the driver, (normally the following morning).

Hence the two to three-day delivery assumption after receiving this alert.

Arrived at Delivery Office

My Package is Stuck on the “Arrived at Delivery Office” Update

Okay, the chances are that you have Googled searched “Arrived at Delivery Office” because your tracking is stuck on this alert and you don’t know what to do.

First and foremost, you should make sure to wait at least 3 days after seeing the alert before being concerned.

Your item may not have been scanned when it went onto the truck for final delivery, and it could be arriving soon.

However, if several days pass with no further update (and no sign of delivery) it is likely that a logistical issue has occurred.

While I could bore you with the myriad ways a carrier can end up delaying your delivery, it is probably a better use of your time if we get straight to the crunch and say what you can do about it.

Contact the Carrier

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Clearly, you will need to contact the carrier to see where the hold-up may be occurring. Is the package already on the truck? Has it got waylaid within the facility? When can you expect it? These are all questions you will want to ask.

Once you have the phone number of the carrier responsible for delivery, all you need is the destination address and tracking number to start making inquiries.

Contact the Seller

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If there are problems with the carrier (missing package for example), you will want to get the original seller involved too. This is because any claims are better pursued by the sender.

There is also your buyer’s protection period to think about. When you buy goods on platforms such as AliExpress, the platform provides cover in situations where a shipment doesn’t arrive.

In the case of AliExpress, this period is 60 days. If your item does not arrive within that delivery window, you can open a dispute through the platform (as well as contact the seller), so that a refund or reshipment can be arranged.

Final Words

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Overall, the “Arrived at Delivery Office” status alert is a good one to receive. It means that the package has finally made it to a carrier facility near the destination address.

If all goes smoothly, the item will be sorted onto a truck for final delivery within 48hrs.

If several days pass, however, you should contact the carrier to begin your inquiries.

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