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“Received by Local Delivery Company” AliExpress Tracking

You’re expecting an order from AliExpress and you have received a “Received by Local Delivery Company” status update.

What does this update mean exactly? Is your package close to delivery and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

Summary: Received by Local Delivery Company – AliExpress

The status alert means that the shipment has been handed over to the carrier responsible for the item’s final delivery to the recipient. The package is in the destination country and close to final delivery.

Received by Local Delivery Company – Guide

Essentially, this is a positive update to receive. Your AliExpress shipment has finally made it to the destination country.

It has passed customs clearance and has now been handed over to a local carrier. 

This carrier will be responsible for shipping the package to the recipient.

Received by Local Delivery Company

How Close is Delivery After the Update?

date and time

Under normal circumstances, delivery should be just a few days away.

The package is inside the delivery infrastructure of the local carrier, and it is just a case of transit toward the recipient’s address.

This may involve sortation inside one or more facilities belonging to the carrier, however, delivery should take place within 5 to 7 days of receiving the update.

Tracking Stuck On The Update

tracking stuck roadblock

If no new tracking updates occur after the alert and several business days pass with no sign of delivery, there could be a problem with the logistics and a delay has occurred.

This will sometimes happen when the shipment has been handed over to the local delivery company at the point of entry into the destination country.

These International hubs are more prone to delays, with packages being held up within the facility.

Although the local carrier has received the item, the shipment ends up stuck inside the international hub.

This is especially prevalent with low-priority standard deliveries via AliExpress.

Essentially, the local carrier will prioritize other shipments before they get to your package that arrived via economy shipping from China.

Unfortunately, this is all too common and is probably how you found this article in the first place.

You are wondering where your package is after a “Received by Local Delivery Company” update.

What to do if the Package is Stuck?

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The are three proactive steps that you can take if your tracking ends up stuck on this alert.

Check Shipment in a Universal Tracking App


It could be that your package is moving, yet the tracking page you have been following since the start of the shipment is no longer updating.

To check this, simply cut and paste the tracking number into a universal checker such as 17Track or ParcelsApp.

These free services will scan the databases of hundreds of carriers for details of your shipment.

With any luck, delivery is imminent and you just didn’t know about it.

Contact the Local Carrier

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If your tracking details or AliExpress order details state the name of the local carrier, you can simply give customer services a call (or email or live chat), to see what the hold-up is.

Talking to a human about the problem should help get to the bottom of what is going on.

Be Aware of Your Buyer’s Guarantee


AliExpress provides a 60-day buyer’s gurantee. This is from the moment the order is sent.

Keep an eye on this and ensure that you open any dispute or contact the seller for a refund before the cover runs out.

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  1. Partea cea mai urita este ca in 99% din cazuri acel transportator local nu este evidentiat si, in plus, acesta isi genereaza propriul AWB, ca atare si alt tracking-number. Adica, una peste alta, cu TN original nu poti urmari coletul in RO. Desi ar fi o cerinta majora.


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