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Object Routed Meaning – AliExpress Tracking Guide

You’re expecting an international delivery and have received an “Object Routed” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and what happens next?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Object Routed Meaning

Object Routed in AliExpress shipping simply means that the shipment (object) has been routed overseas. In some cases this will be via an intermediate transit country, however, the package is making progress toward the destination if you have received this update.

Object Routed Meaning – Guide

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The “Object Routed” tracking update can be confusing as many people read too much into the meaning of it.

Breaking the alert down, the object is simply the package. 

However, “routed” begs the question, “routed to where?”. This is where the update is lacking, as it does not actually tell where the shipment is being routed to.

It causes customers concern as they assume something irregular is happening to the package.

Well, I can tell you now, that this is not the case.

The first time I received the “Object Routed” update from AliExpress, I experienced the same feelings of doubt and actually contact customer services.

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Object Routed means that the package has been sent overseas

They simply replied that “Object Routed means that the package has been sent overseas”. In other words, the shipment is moving.

It is also important to understand that where the package is headed is all part of a prearranged logistical path.

This could easily mean passing through an intermediate transit country (or countries), before arriving at the destination country.

Anyone that has used AliExpress before will know that economy carrier are used, and that shipments take time.

They very often travel through one or more countries on the way to the recipient’s address.

Tracking Stuck on “Object Routed”

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The fact that shipments take time, means that occasionally, it will seem as if the tracking is stuck on this update.

This generally comes down to carriers not providing regular updates on the shipment progress. 

Although it may be scanned at various junctures, you do not end up seeing any alerts.

In scenarios where the package could move but you’re not seeing progress, I recommend that you use a universal tracking app such as 17Track or ParcelsApp.

By entering your tracking details into one of these free web services, you can see if any updates are being triggered.

With any luck, the item is making good progress and is nearly with you.

But the Shipment Really is Stuck!

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In situations where weeks have gone by and both your AliExpress tracking and universal trackers come up with nothing, you may need to contact AliExpress and/or the sender.

Essentially, AliExpress has a 60-day buyer guarantee period. If this begins to run out and your order hasn’t arrived, you will be able to open a dispute.

Bear in mind the potential 45 business day standard shipping period, however.

If there is still a few weeks left for your order to arrive, you will simply be told to wait longer. 

Absent tracking for AliExpress shipments is so common, both the sender and the platform will do little until the delivery window reaches an end.

Final Words

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Overall, the “Object Routed” tracking alert means that the package has been shipped overseas. 

Whether this is direct to the destination country, or via an intermediate country along the route, your item is making progress.

However, this being an AliExpress order, (unless you have paid for expedited delivery) there will still be a long way to go.

I would actually recommend ignoring your tracking for the first few weeks after the order date, as your shipment will be nowhere near delivery at this stage.

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