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What Does “Inward MC” Mean? (Royal Mail)

You’ve recently checked your Royal Mail tracking and it states “Inward MC”, (accompanied by a location).

What does this mean exactly? Where is the mail item when you see this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Inward MC

The “Inward MC” tracking alert means that the mail item has arrived (Inward) at a Royal Mail Mailing Centre (MC). The first scan as the mail enters the facility is the one that triggers this update. It will then be sorted and dispatched on to the next step toward the recipient.

“Inward MC” – Complete Guide

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A Royal Mail Mailing Center (MC) is different from a Regional Distribution Center (RDC) in that there are more of them and they service local areas instead of wider regional catchment areas.

There are currently 37 mailing centres in the Royal Mail delivery network.

A mail item will normally pass through a mailing centre after being dispatched from the larger RDC.

After the Mailing Centre, an item will be dispatched to an even smaller delivery office which is where the local mail person will pick up the day’s mail for delivery. (There are currently 1356 delivery offices in the U.K).

What Happens After an “Inward MC” Tracking Update?

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As mentioned above, the “Inward MC” alert is triggered after the mail item receives its first scan upon entering the mailing centre.

The item will then be processed (i.e sorted) through the centre so that it joins other mail items destined for the same delivery office.

The bulk mail then is loaded onto a Royal Mail delivery truck for drop off at the relevant delivery office. 

As the item leaves the Mailing Centre you will sometimes receive an “Outward MC” delivery alert.

However, this does depend on the level of tracking being taken on the shipment.

Once the mail item arrives at the delivery office, final delivery will normally take place the following business day.

Tracking Stuck on “Inward MC”

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Sometimes the tracking can end up stuck on “Inward MC”. This is normally because a delay has occurred within the mailing centre.

Whether this is due to technical or staffing issues, or simply because the item has been mislaid or mis-scanned, can be difficult to determine.

Essentially, if more than 3 business days pass without any further updates, you should contact Royal Mail to see what is causing the delay.

Final Words

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Overall, the “Inward MC” tracking update is a standard Royal Mail alert to notify customers that the mail item is moving as it should. 

It has reached one of the local Mailing Centres in the delivery network and has received its first scan inside the facility.

It will then be sorted and dispatched for the next step of the transit journey.

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