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Royal Mail Strike Dates 2023 – All You Need to Know

Royal Mail workers have been striking quite frequently of late.

We will not get into the politics of all that here. All you need to know is when industrial action is planned and how it might impact you.

Let’s take a look…

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Royal Mail Strike Dates April 2023

There are currently no Royal Mail strikes planned for the remainder of April 2023.

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Royal Mail Strike Dates May 2023

There are currently no Royal Mail strikes planned for the entirety of May 2023.

Latest Update Royal Mail Website

(Statement Date 21 April 2023)

Royal Mail is pleased that the Business Recovery, Transformation and Growth Agreement has been approved by the CWU’s Postal Executive Committee (PEC) and it will now be put forward to the CWU members to vote on via a ballot, with a recommendation to accept. The agreement includes a pay offer as well as the improvements made during negotiations.

Questions you May Have About Royal Mail Strike Dates

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When Royal Mail strikes occur, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire network is not operating during those days.

Here are some questions you make have surrounding any industrial action.

How Long Will My Mail Be Delayed?

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This may be very obvious but expect delays on items posted before, during, and a few days after any strike action.

Also, the length of the delay will vary depending on the number of strike days and the severity of the disruption.

When industrial strike action is scheduled, the Royal Mail website will list the length and nature of expected delays to the service.

Will the Post Office be Open On Strike Days?

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Post Offices will remain open and provide their usual assortment of services.

However, collections by Royal Mail from Post Offices will be restricted on all days of the strike action.

Consequently, customers should anticipate delays in the delivery of items dispatched on strike days and in the days following the strike action. 

As mentioned above, the Royal Mail website provides information on the expected disruption to services during strike days.

Can I use Royal Mail Post Boxes on Strike Days?

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Postboxes will remain accessible for use during the industrial action period.

It is important to note, however, that collections from post boxes will be restricted on the day(s) of the industrial action.

As a result, delays should be expected in the delivery of items dispatched during this time.

What Happens to Priority Items During Strike Action?

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Special Delivery Guaranteed

During the strike action, Royal Mail states that it will make every effort to receive, prioritize, and transport as many Special Delivery items as possible with the resources at its disposal.

Nonetheless, they cannot ensure that all items will be delivered by 9 am or 1 pm on the following day.

As a result, Royal Mail will temporarily suspend the next-day guarantee for items dispatched the day before the strike action until services have resumed their regular operations.

Tracked 24 (including COVID test kits and medical deliveries):

On the days when the strike action is taking place, Tracked 24 items will be given priority for delivery.

However, Royal Mail states that due to a significant reduction in resources, there may be delays in delivering some Tracked 24 items that were posted the day before, on the day of, and in the days immediately following the strike action.

What Happens after Royal Mail Strike Action?

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Royal Mail states that it aims to mitigate delays in the days following any strike action. Network capacity is stepped up and additional resources are used in order to achieve this.

Collections from business customers, Post Offices, and post boxes will resume the day after the strike action ends.

Similarly, deliveries will recommence the day after the strike action ends.

This includes expediting the delivery of NHS and healthcare correspondence, as well as vital Government mailings, in the days following the strike action.

Historical Royal Mail Strike Dates & Information 2023


February 2023 Postal Strike Called Off

(Statement Date: 7 Feb 2023)

Following a legal challenge from the Royal Mail, the planned strike action by the CWU scheduled for February 16th and 17th was called off. The Royal Mail website has reported that the CWU stated that there was a mistake in their strike notification.

Postal Strikes in February 2023

(Statement Date: 5 Feb 2023)

According to a statement from the CWU, there will be a postal strike on February 16th and 17th, 2023.

The strike is expected to involve Royal Mail workers responsible for collecting, sorting, and delivering parcels and letters, and will last for 24 hours starting from 12:30 pm on February 16th and concluding at 12:30 pm on February 17th.

As a result, collections and processing may be affected on Thursday, and deliveries may be impacted on Friday.

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