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Why Does FedEx Suck? What Customers Are Saying…

We try to be as objective as possible here at Mailbox Master…. if we’re to deliver unbiased views on various carrier services, it is important that we are.

However, you don’t need to search far online to hear customers asking, “Why Does FedEx Suck!?

There is a lot of frustration out there.

And you only need to look at our YouTube channel to see the various instances where FedEx drivers have acted terribly when delivering parcels.

Anyway, here are some reasons a lot of customers are not happy with FedEx in 2023.

Why Does FedEx Suck!?

1. The Delivery Drivers Are Contract Workers

The bottom line is, FedEx drivers have very little rights or loyalty to the company. They are contract workers that can be let go at any time.

In the USA, FedEx contracts approximately 6,000 independent workers to transport packages from sorting facilities to end customers.

The network has been plagued by inefficiencies, including the cumbersome transfer of packages to contractors and a high turnover rate among contractors’ drivers. 

(These issues were exacerbated by the pandemic, which resulted in labor shortages and increased costs for fuel, maintenance, and labor. As a result, contractors’ conditions deteriorated to the point where they organized and demanded better terms from FedEx.)

When you have a workforce that is frustrated, overworked (and cares little for what they do), you end up with videos like this…. FedEx drivers have no respect for the packages that they are delivering or feel no connection to the uniform that they wear.

This, in turn, results in a level of service that many customers are not satisfied with.

2. In-coherent Scanning & Tracking

tracking numbers

A big issue with having delivery drivers that are contracted and might not care as much as they should is that scanning can be unreliable at the best of times.

FedEx drivers have been known to scan a parcel as “delivery attempted” when in fact they have never even reached the address, (they just want to leave off for the day, or the destination address is too far out of the way)… clearly this annoys customers.

This is exacerbated by the fact FedEx has less control over the accruing of its drivers compared to services such as USPS.

3. Ad-hoc Delivery Schedules

clock and calendar

This is another symptom of the way contract drivers are hired and fired, (and the understandable lack of respect the average driver has for the company) but FedEx delivery schedules are often a cause for complaint.

With no rhyme or reason to delivery times, and strange cut-off times depending on when a driver feels they have had enough for the day, leads to customer frustration.

No wonder so many of you end up asking: Why Does FedEx Suck with such passion.

If a delivery service is unreliable in when you can expect your package during the scheduled delivery day, it is extremely inconvenient.

4. Bad Customer Services

woman on phone complaining

So far we have concentrated on the way customers think that Fedex sucks due to the drivers… well it’s not all the fault of those behind the wheel.

FedEx customer services are also a cause for complaints.

With long waits on the phone and lackluster responses when you do get through, it can be a road to nowhere trying to get any tangible help out of FedEx.

Add that to the ethos (it seems) that the customer is never right, and you have a very frustrating state of affairs if you should ever need to get in touch with Fedex to complain.

5. Late Deliveries

Whether it is issues inside the Fedex facility causing a package to be late, or the driver on the road, the fact is, there are a lot of delays within the FedEx delivery network that lead a lot of customers to feel that the service sucks.

The list of reasons can be long for logistical delays, but it does seem as if FedEx gets its fair share.

According to a report from, more than 6% of 508,000 FedEx and UPS parcels shipped by 100 small-to-medium-sized retailers between January and March 2019 were delayed, and nearly 72% of them by a full day.

This, clearly, is not good. You look at these stats and no wonder so many people are asking why Fedex sucks.

6. Lost or Damaged Packages

lost package

There is no getting away from the fact that FedEx has too many instances of lost or damaged packages.

Obviously, this leads to frustration and financial losses for customers.

Add this to the fact that customer services are slow and the claims process convoluted and things get even worse.

There are so many examples of upset FedEx customers online due to lost and damaged packages. 

7. Lack of Delivery Options and Flexibility

fedex van

While FedEx offers a range of shipping services, customers still voice frustration that the company lacks delivery options and flexibility compared to its competitors. 

One major issue is that FedEx does not offer as many delivery speed options as some other carriers.

Also, business owners have recently complained about the company’s decision to shut down its SameDay City delivery service. 

Flexibility can also be non-existent at times, with customers finding FedEx’s rerouting policies to be restrictive.

There is no denying that the process of redirecting a package to a different location after it has been shipped could be made simpler.

Finally, the level of FedEx’s delivery services is not the same in all areas.

While the company has a wide network, some rural or remote areas are not covered by FedEx’s delivery services.

All of the above understandably lead to customers thinking that FedEx sucks.

8. FedEx is not the Cheapest Carrier Service

sending money via Fedex

Finally, there is the fact that competing services are cheaper.

When you have a carrier that is underperforming yet customers are often paying premium prices for the delivery services they opt for… well, frustration ensures.

Many customers think that FedEx sucks because they are simply paying too much for a delivery that is not arriving on time.

Fedex has a lot of work to do… and its share price toward the end of 2022 was a big reflection of that…

So, sort it out Fedex. A lot of customers think you suck!

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  1. My package is 4 days late already (Including the weekend), and still no idea when it will be delivered. they also will not give a date anymore when it will be delivered. Fedex is always late! Always. I have never had issues with UPS, but Fedex has never ever arrived on time. And they often claim “package delivered” when it clearly was not!!!!!


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