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What Does FedEx Package Not Due for Delivery Mean?

You’ve just checked your FedEx tracking details and seen a “Package Not Due for Delivery” update.

So what does that mean exactly? Is your package close? Why is FedEx holding on to it? Let’s take a look…

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What Does FedEx “Package Not Due for Delivery” Mean?

Package Not Due for Delivery means that FedEx has your package ready for delivery but will not do so until the scheduled delivery date.

Why does FedEx do this?

There are a number of reasons that FedEx will hold on to a package and not deliver it until the due date.

If your tracking states Package Not Due for Delivery it could be that:

  • The truck is full with scheduled deliveries for that day, which of course must take priority. There is no space for early item delivery.
  • The shipper chose a specific date for delivery and that has not arrived yet
  • It is the weekend and the shipper used an economy service that doesn’t include weekend delivery
  • There is no driver available to complete the package delivery
  • There was a problem with the package (prohibited contents or failed security scan for example), and it has been withdrawn or sent back to the shipper.

It is important to understand that FedEx aims to keep to its schedule so that its logistics can run as smoothly as possible.

If a package has arrived early, it makes sense for the company to hold on to the item until the scheduled delivery day.

Not only does this keep expectations in check, it means that the higher-priced fast delivery options remain valid choices for customers.

Would you opt for premium services if on a regular basis the economy options deliver within the same time frame? Probably not.

That being said, at times FedEx will deliver before the scheduled delivery date if they have the capacity to do so.

Where is my package when I receive a FedEx “Package Not Due for Delivery” update?

At Destination Sort Facility
Your package is being held at a local FedEx facility

Your package is at the destination sort facility, which is the FedEx facility closest to your address. It will have been sorted so that the next step is going out for delivery on the truck.

However, because it is not due (and for one of the reasons listed above); it will remain in the facility waiting for a later truck to take it out for delivery.

Can I pick my item up after receiving a “Package Not Due for Delivery” update?

In most cases, it is perfectly okay to pick your package up from the facility after you receive this update.

The FedEx “Hold at Location” is designed for this. You can simply contact FedEx customer services and request the item be held, (although, in effect it already is) and that you will pick it up in person.

You can also manage your packages and arrange a “Hold at Location” using the website.

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