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On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery – A Complete Guide

You’re awaiting a package and you have just received an “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery” tracking update. What exactly does this mean?

Is it time to get excited and wait by the front door? Will your package arrive that day or later? Can you track the progress of the FedEx vehicle?

We’ll answer all that and more, in this complete guide to the “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery” tracking update.

“On FedEx vehicle for Delivery” – What does it mean?

On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery

In many ways, the update speaks for itself. “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery” means that your package is on a FedEx vehicle and is on its way to your door for final delivery.

This is the final stage of the delivery process and you should expect to receive your package that same day.

How long will my package take to arrive when “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery”?

Once you have received the “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery” update, the time it takes to arrive depends on the driver’s route.

If your address is at the beginning of the route, you can expect your package early in the day. If your address is towards the end of the route, you will wait longer.

Essentially, the FedEx delivery window of a standard working day is 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. On the day you receive the “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery” update, you can expect delivery within that time frame.

Reasons Tracking is Stuck on “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery”

on fedex vehicle for delivery update page

So, we’ve established that “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery” means the package is on its way to your door and that you can expect it that same working day between 8 am and 8 pm.

What happens if the package is not delivered in that time? What might have gone wrong if the tracking remains stuck on this update?

Delivery Delays

Delays and mistakes can and do happen of course. One potential problem is that the driver was unable to reach your address. Heavy traffic or vehicle malfunction can cause delays.

Staff shortages during Covid have also put a strain on drivers in terms of working hours and the number of deliveries they are expected to complete each day.

Quite simply, the driver may not have had time to complete his rounds and make your delivery.

If this is the case, your package will be prioritized for delivery on the next working day, (i.e your address will be placed earlier on the route).

Scanning Errors

Another scenario is that FedEx may have incorrectly scanned your package.

It could have been updated as “On FedEx vehicle for delivery”, when in fact it is on a vehicle and in transit to your nearest FedEx facility, (a situation that calls for a completely different tracking update).

These errors and delays occur infrequently, however, they could be the reason your package is stuck on the “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery” update.

What to do if the update is stuck

In the first instance, you should wait the extra day. If the package was not delivered successfully on the day that it was set out for delivery, there is a very big chance that it will be delivered the following day.

During this time you should also check your FedEx tracking again. It could be that an update has occurred providing more information on the reasons for the delay and a new delivery time scheduled.

Finally, if after waiting 24hrs your package still hasn’t arrived, you should call FedEx customer services.

Can I Track my Package Location when “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery”?

While it is not possible to track the exact location of the vehicle when your package is out for delivery, signing up to the FedEx Delivery Manager platform will provide you with more options than when using the standard FedEx tracking page.

The service is free and will give you more detailed information about the progress of your package and where it is within the FedEx delivery infrastructure.

You can even reroute, redirect, or reschedule your package after receiving an “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery” update.

Signing up for FedEx Delivery Manager

Register fedex Delivery Manager

You can sign up for the FedEx Delivery Manager service here. As mentioned, the platform is free to use.

There is a slight delay between signing up and you being able to use the service, however. This is because FedEx will send you a confirmation code through the post.

This is to confirm that the person signing up for the account actually lives at the address in question. Once you have the code, the FedEx Delivery Manager platform will be open to you.

Re-Routing a Package “When On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery”

As mentioned above, FedEx Delivery Manager allows you to re-route your package, even if it is out for delivery.

For example, with a click of a button, you can have the package re-routed to your nearest FedEx depot for later pick-up. 

You can also arrange for the package to be dropped off at participating retail stores that offer FedEx pick-up and drop-off, (Walgreens and Dollar General, etc).

Re-routing a package when it is On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery, is especially convenient if you know that you are not going to be in to receive the item.

You have the peace of mind of knowing that the package is safe at a secure location instead of being left on the porch where it could be stolen.

Re-scheduling a Package When “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery”

The same goes for re-scheduling. FedEx Delivery Manager allows you to reschedule delivery for another day, even if it is already On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery. (This feature is part of the premium service with prices starting at $5.55).

The same benefits apply. The package will remain on the truck (or at the FedEx facility) until the date you have scheduled delivery.

It is in a safe and secure location and you will be able to receive it at a more convenient time.

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