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What Does “FedEx Future Delivery Requested” Mean?

You’re expecting a package delivery from FedEx and you have received a “FedEx Future Delivery Requested” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Is your package close and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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FedEx Future Delivery Requested – Meaning

The FedEx Future Delivery Requested update is actually a delivery exception. It means that the shipment has been temporarily delayed in transit due to technical or logistical reasons. This has impacted the expected date for delivery, with a future date being requested.

Do I need to do anything when I receive a “FedEx Future Delivery Requested” update?

The answer is no, you will not need to take any steps apart from keeping an eye on your tracking for the updated delivery date.

FedEx is acknowledging that a temporary issue has arrived in the delivery logistics and the onus is on them to get things moving again. You will be updated accordingly.

Common Causes of the “FedEx Future Delivery Requested” update

FedEx Future Delivery Requested

There are a number of reasons your shipment is experiencing this temporary delay, and thus receiving this update.

The most common scenarios are:

Adverse Weather Conditions

FedEx trucks, planes, and sorting facilities can all be impacted by bad weather. This can often create delays as delivery infrastructure cannot run as smoothly as it would normally under such conditions. 

Traffic and/or Technical issues

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Traffic or technical issues (i.e mechanical problems with transport and/or scanning and sorting equipment) can also cause a backlog that will temporarily halt the progress of your shipment.

Custom Delays

Customs clearance can always be relied upon to cause issues and delays. If you are expecting a shipment from overseas there is a whole gamut of reasons for your item to be held up in customs so that the delivery date is missed.

Damaged Package and Missing Labels

damaged package

If the shipping label has not been applied properly or the package is damaged in transit, this can cause the item to become delayed within the FedEx delivery infrastructure.

It might even become temporarily lost as a result because the machines cannot scan the item. This all takes time to rectify so that delivery can be made.

Incorrect Details

If the package has the wrong address or the shipment order was not created correctly you can also expect delays that will cause the item to be delivered late.

Essentially, any technical or logistical issue that causes the package to miss the delivery date, has the ability to prompt a “FedEx Future Delivery Requested” update. 

Tracking stuck on the “FedEx Future Delivery Requested” Update

FedEx Future Delivery Requested

If several days pass and you receive no further updates and/or the original delivery date is approaching, you should contact FedEx for more information.

At the very least you will want to know if the delivery exception has been solved and whether you can still expect to receive your item within the original delivery window.

Calling customer services is one way to do this. There is also the very versatile FedEx Delivery Manager. The latter will also allow you to change aspects of the delivery, including scheduling a pickup or updated delivery date.

Final Words

In most cases, FedEx does have the issue under control when you receive a “Future Delivery Requested” update.

Although they won’t necessarily provide you with the specifics of the delay, the fact they know about it is a positive step.

FedEx will do what it can to deliver the shipment within the updated delivery window. In other words, your package should be delayed for only a day or two.

3 thoughts on “What Does “FedEx Future Delivery Requested” Mean?”

  1. My package was supposed to be delivered on December 23rd, received many future delivery notices. The package was supposed to be delivered on January 3rd and now I just received a notice stating that local delivery restriction, delivery not attempted. This is piss poor customer service. In the future I’m shipping all of my packages UPS.

    • Same thing often happens with UPS. I was expecting a package and UPS said it was lost or stolen after it was out for delivery. Fedex has always been better and quicker at deliveries in my experience. Maybe they are both not so great?


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