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What Does “Departure from Inward Office of Exchange” Mean?

What does “Departure from Inward Office of Exchange” mean? This is a tracking update you will often find when waiting for an international shipment to arrive.

Does this alert mean that the package is close to delivery? Let’s take a look.

“Departure from Inward Office of Exchange” – Meaning

Departure from Inward Office of Exchange” means that the package has been cleared through the destination country’s customs office and is on its way to the local post office or courier depot for delivery.

What is an “Inward Office of Exchange”?

packages inside import customs office

The Inward Office of Exchange is the destination country’s import customs office.

If you are the recipient of the package, this is the customs office in your country.

The fact you are receiving an update that states “Departure from inward office of exchange”, means your package has left the customs office. 

The next destination is a sorting facility belonging to the postal or courier service responsible for delivery.

How Long Until Delivery After “Departure from Inward Office of Exchange”?

clock and jigsaw pieces

After you receive a “Departure from inward office of exchange” alert, you know your package is getting close.

The fact it has passed through customs clearance and is now on its way to your courier’s sort facility is a reason to be positive.

However, depending on the distance the package still needs to travel and the delivery service used it can still take several more days to reach you.

The minimum you should expect (on a non-expedited international shipment) is 3 days.

This is the time for the package to be processed through a regional hub, transported to your local post office or courier facility, and then go out for delivery.

This same process can take up to 10 days on budget-focused delivery service speeds.

What to do if My Package Remains Stuck on This Update?

Departure from Inward Office of Exchange

The best step to take if your package remains stuck on this update is to be patient.

Believe it or not, this same status can remain right up to the delivery point.

It all depends on whether the tracking is being updated, and which courier service is responsible for final delivery.

Because of this, we recommend that you wait a week to ten days after receiving the “Departure from inward office of exchange” update, before expending your energy on making inquiries.

If, after this time, your package remains undelivered, contact the shipper with details. They may take up the issue with the delivery service directly.

If not, you will need to call the customer services number of the courier responsible.

Can I Still Use the Same Tracking Number?

Universal Parcel Tracking Global Package Tracking

Once your package has departed the inward office of exchange, it is in the hands of the postal service or courier company based in your home country.

Normally, this service will scan the item once it reaches the sorting facility.

In some cases, the same tracking number that you were using for the initial stages of the package journey will still work within the system of the service making the final delivery.

In other situations, a new tracking number will be created.

A third situation will lead to the issue of the status update seemingly being stuck, i.e. no further scans are made in terms of providing tracking information.

In any case, typing the tracking number/s that you have into a universal tracking service will help to pinpoint which service provider the package is now with and whether further updates are being made.

Final Words

Essentially, a “Departure from inward office of exchange” update is good news.

You know that the package has successfully cleared customs in the destination country and is now with the postal service responsible for final delivery.

The item will still have to go through a few more steps before it arrives (regional sort facilities, local service depot, etc), however, it is definitely on its way. 

9 thoughts on “What Does “Departure from Inward Office of Exchange” Mean?”

  1. Hi there my name is sizwe kose I’m from gugulethu I’m wondering if wen my pakage will be delivered … I’m from gugulethu but I want to know can I come collect the pakage at you guys or must I wait for something because it says its departure on the 14th of March … but I haven’t been contacted yet tracking number CA310067380AT

    • It looks as if your package has yet to reach a sort facility in the region of the destination address. However, the fact that it showed to be in transit just 2 days ago, I recommend that you wait a bit longer. You will likely receive another update, with it being out for delivery soon.

  2. I am looking for my international package CY133860376US which has gone through customs at O R THAMBO since 29/03/2023 and does not seem to have progressed since then can you please give me an update on this
    Thank you

    • Hi there, checking your package on Parcelsapp, it states that the item was dispatched from “Wits Mail Center” on 14 April 2023. The estimated delivery date is between 21 & 28 April. Hope that helps.

      • Hi I did not receive my order my tracking number is LF060738615SG the last update it was despatched its been a month now pls help me about my order

        • From the tracking information it looks as if your package is with South Africa Post. You should contact them with the tracking number to look into what has caused the delay.

  3. RR545793895PL Tracking number
    One of many still waiting. I thought a US delivery would impress but the same experience.
    Shipping from European countries is very good BUT as soon as it reach SA it goes into have PATIENT period. Now with load shedding also and after my experience it is time to close shop. I will never use postal service again:. It is disfunctional. If you buy from eBay then most sellers refuse to sell to South Africa.

    • Hi, as the item has landed in the destination country (Puerto Rico), you could contact your local postal service to see if they have details of the shipment. Packages sent from China via Yanwen, often use local postal services for final delivery.


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