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DHL “Processed at Local Distribution Center” Meaning

You’re expecting a delivery from DHL and you have received a “Processed at Local Distribution Center” status alert.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this update what should you do if your tracking ends up stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Processed at Local Distribution Center

The “Processed at Local Distribution Center” tracking update means that the DHL package has arrived at a local distribution facility. From here, it will be sorted and dispatched to either the recipient’s address or another local distribution facility closer to the final destination. A single shipment can be processed through more than one DHL local distribution center.

Processed at Local Distribution Center – Guide

There are two factors to consider when you receive this update that is actually slightly counterintuitive. This is because the wording of the alert is actually a little misleading.

The first is that “processed” actually really means arrived. The package has entered the local distribution center and received a scan when this update is triggered. 

It hasn’t actually been processed through the center at this stage.

Secondly, “local” doesn’t necessarily mean that the center is local to the final delivery address.

Sometimes It will be, other times, the package will be sorted at that facility and then dispatched to another distribution center closer to the recipient.

Where is Your Package When you Receive this Update?

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DHL Warehouse (By Me, MidJourney)

Apart from the fact, your package is inside a DHL facility when you receive this alert, you can also ascertain which local distribution center the item is at, via an additional line that accompanies the update.

In other words, the name and town/city of the facility is provided too.

However, it is not so easy to determine whether the next step will actually be delivered to the recipient.

Of course, if the center is the same city as the final destination, logic would dictate that final delivery will be the next step.

It is not always that simple though. DHL logistics being as nonsensical as they can at times, means the item could find itself in another center all the same.

The only way to truly know is when the “Out For Delivery” alert is triggered and sent.

However, the alert to expect before this happens will be “Departed from Local Distribution Center”.

“Processed at Local Distribution Center” Update Loop

Processed at Local Distribution Center

You may have reached this article because your package seems to be entering one distribution center, then departing, only to find itself in another one not long afterward.

While frustrating, this is relatively common.

It is just the process that some packages will go through as they make their way step by step toward the recipient’s address, (the various steps being the distribution centers along the route).

As mentioned earlier, DHL logistics can sometimes be counterintuitive and even a tad inefficient.

However, at least you know your package is moving and it should still be with you soon.

If too much time passes, however, you should contact DHL here.

Final Words

Overall, a “Processed at Local Distribution Center” tracking update is a positive one to receive, the item is getting closer to the delivery address and should be with the recipient quite soon.

In some cases, it may pass through more than one center, but unfortunately, this is just the logistics process in full swing. There is little you can do about it.

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