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Tracking Information is Temporarily Unavailable – AliExpress

You’re expecting an order from AliExpress and you have received a “Tracking Information is Temporarily Unavailable” status update.

What does this update mean exactly? What has happened to the tracking and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Tracking Information is Temporarily Unavailable

The “Tracking Information is Temporarily Unavailable” alert means that the tracking number is not working at that point in time. Reasons for this include, the use of an incorrect or false tracking number and the shipment being with a carrier that is not providing updates.

Tracking Information is Temporarily Unavailable – Guide

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This update can be frustrating as it can cast doubt on the nature of the shipment.

If you have recently made an order with AliExpress (or any other eCommerce platform), and you have received this alert, it can make you consider the reliability of the seller and whether the item has actually been sent.

Before we take a look at that more pessimistic outcome, let’s go through the various reasons you might be receiving the “Tracking Information is Temporarily Unavailable” update.

Low Budget Shipping carrier

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Vendors on AliExpress will often provide low prices on the shipping because a low-budget carrier is used. 

The understandable trade-off here is that tracking may be less than reliable with carriers of this nature.

See our articles on Yanwen and Sunyou for example scenarios.

If your shipment has been handed over to a carrier that is not tracking the item, you can end up receiving the “Tracking Information is Temporarily Unavailable” alert. 

Only when the package is being scanned again in terms of update creation will you see any new alerts.

The Tracking Number is Wrong

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You could also be receiving this update because the tracking number you have entered is wrong. Either you have typed or cut and pasted it incorrectly.

You could have also entered it into the wrong carrier tracking database.

There is also the possibility that the seller has sent you the wrong number in error. 

(We will take a look at possible solutions for this below).

The Tracking Number is Fake

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Unfortunately, it is not beyond the realm of possibility for the seller to have sent you a fake tracking number.

This is only likely to happen with a new seller account that is on AliExpress with the intention of scamming buyers

In this scenario, no package is actually being sent.

The seller has taken the money and has given you a false tracking number that in turn triggers the “Tracking Information is Temporarily Unavailable” update when you use it.

AliExpress is generally good at cracking down on such sellers and you will be covered if this is the case.

Steps To Take if You Receive this Tracking Update

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The first step I recommend is to double-check the tracking number and instead of typing it into a search database, cut and paste or click the link from the original email or order confirmation from your AliExpress account. 

This will eliminate any potential error on your part in terms of the actual number.

If you still have problems, it could be that the carrier isn’t scanning and/or you are looking in the wrong tracking database.


To get around this, you should use a free universal tracking search app such as 17Track and Parcelsapp.

These will search the database of hundreds of carriers to see if the number works elsewhere.

Finally, if you really cannot find any tracking details of the item and this situation does not change, you will need to contact AliExpress and the seller for further information.

Final Words

While the “Tracking Information is Temporarily Unavailable” is frustrating and can cause suspicion, there are a number of reasons it might be happening.

By going through the above steps you can eliminate potential problems to help understand why you are unable to track your shipment.

Try to remember that AliExpress orders are generally shipped using low-budget carriers, so tracking issues are not uncommon.

All the same, do not allow for your buyer’s gurantee period to run out, and be ready to contact the seller and/or AliExpress should the problem continue for too long.

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