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BPost: “Item is Ready for Transport” Tracking Guide

You’re expecting a delivery from BPost and you have received an “Item is Ready for Transport” status update.

What does this update mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this update and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Item is Ready for Transport

The “Item is Ready for Transport: status alert means that the package has passed through the facility, delivery center, or some other hub within the delivery network and is now ready for the next leg of its journey. The update can be triggered at any point of the shipment and will precede a spell in physical transit.

Item is Ready for Transport – Guide

This update is mostly used by BPost, however, you may see this alert using other carriers too.

The principle meaning remains the same, in that the package is now ready to proceed in transit.

However, it does not necessarily mean that the package has been physically loaded onto the mode of transport in preparation for the next part of the shipment journey.

For example, for international shipments, the item may have landed in the destination country, passed through customs, and been handed back to the local carrier.

It is then sorted for dispatch to a facility closer to the recipient’s address and is “ready for transport”

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It is still inside the warehouse connected to the import location, however, (for BPost this is commonly the international distribution center at Liege Airport).

The package has yet to be loaded onto an awaiting truck (or sometimes even an airplane if Belgium is merely a transit country; which is often the case with AliExpress shipments), although that is the next stage of the delivery process.

Tracking Stuck on “Item is Ready for Transport”

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You may have reached this article because your tracking is stuck on the ready-for-transport alert.

Unfortunately, this is relatively common, especially for items arriving from China from Ecommerce platforms such as AlieExpress.

We have already discussed the black hole at Liege Airport.

This is a major European hub for such packages from China. The delays here mean that you could see the “Item is Ready for Transport” for several days, even weeks while the shipment awaits to be dispatched from the distribution center.

The many USPS ICS also encounter delays in releasing packages, (see more on that here). The fact is, these economy carrier shipments often experience very slow transit time.

This is why they are so low-cost.

What to do if Tracking is Stuck?

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If you have waited more than 7 business days and your package has not started to move again, you will understandably want to make inquiries into what is going on.

Contacting the Seller & Buyer Guarantee Periods

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Firstly, if it is an AliExpress order, you should take a look at your buyer’s guarantee period to see how long you have left.

If the order was originally dispatched from the seller one or two weeks prior, opening a dispute now will achieve nothing.

You will need to wait longer, (standard delivery times are between 15 and 45 days after all).

Only where the guarantee period is drawing to a close will you be able to start looking into getting your money back or having a replacement item sent.

Truth be told, the tracking will have started to update again by that point and the package should be on its way, if not with you.

Universal Tracking Apps


There is also the chance that the item has been dispatched after the “Item is Ready for Transport” alert, only a different carrier other than BPost is in charge of that section of transit.

This could easily be the case for a package that is still in the origin country or passing through an intermediate transit country.

A way to check this is to place the tracking details into a universal app such as 17Track or ParcelsApp.

These free services will scan hundreds of databases for information on your shipment.

If the item is being scanned outside of the BPost delivery network, it will show up here.

Where is Your Package After an “Item is Ready for Transport” Alert?

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As described earlier in the article, this alert can be triggered at different times throughout the shipment.

That being said, the update will contain information prior to the alert of the location, (regional hub, airport, etc).

When the update is triggered, you are made aware that the package is now ready to leave that location.

With any luck, if that location happens to be a facility near you… final delivery is just a day or two away.

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