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DHL: Broker Has Been Notified to Arrange Clearance – Meaning

You’re expecting a delivery from abroad and have received a “Broker Has Been Notified to Arrange Clearance” update.

What does this mean and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: DHL: Broker Has Been Notified to Arrange Clearance

This update means that the package has arrived inside the destination country and that the shipper’s custom broker has been notified in order to make arrangements for clearance.

DHL: Broker Has Been Notified to Arrange Clearance – Guide

This alert is actually nothing to be concerned about and is all part of the normal procedure for an international shipment.

When a package enters the destination country, customs have to be cleared.

In some cases, the customs broker used by the sender will need to provide information to customs regarding the shipment.

They may also need to ensure that any applicable taxes and duties are paid.

If the sender covered all of this when making the shipment order, the broker will ensure the smooth payment of such charges to customs.

If however, the recipient is responsible for these charges, the broker may end up contacting them with details of the charges owed.

Tracking Stuck on “Broker Has Been Notified to Arrange Clearance”

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Until the broker has arranged clearance your tracking will remain on this update.

This is because there will be no additional scans or updates triggered until the release is confirmed.

However, it may not be the case that the broker is delaying the process.

Even if they arrange clearance immediately, there may also be a delay in customs for processing to take place.

Each of these potential issues will impact the speed at which the item is cleared through customs.

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Contact the Broker if clearance delayed

Essentially, the recipient of the package has to play the waiting game.

There is little DHL will be able to do while the item is being held with customs staff.

That being said, if the delay is caused by a lackluster response from the customs broker, they can be contacted and told to get a move on.

Long story short, if your tracking is held for more than a few days, your first point of call should be the customs broker, (or DHL to contact the broker if you do not know who is dealing with clearance).

The sender should also be contacted in situations where the package clearance is delayed.

What Happens After the “Broker Has Been Notified to Arrange Clearance” Alert?

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After this update and clearance have successfully been completed, the package is handed to DHL so that final delivery can be made.

The sorts of alerts you will get to communicate these steps include: “Clearance Event” and “Shipment Has Been Given a Release by Customs“,

From here, the item will be transported to a DHL facility closer to the destination address.

It will then go out for delivery once it has been sorted and dispatched to a truck servicing the applicable area.

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