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“Depart From Facility to Service Provider” 4PX Tracking Guide

You’re expecting a package from AliExpress and have received a “Depart From Facility to Service Provider” tracking alert.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your shipment when you receive this update and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Depart From Facility to Service Provider

The “Depart From Facility to Service Provider” status alert from 4PX means that the shipment has left the origin (4PX) facility in China and is in on its way toward the facility of the carrier or line-haul operator responsible for overseas transit. 

Depart From Facility to Service Provider – Guide

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The “Depart From Facility to Service Provider” update is a common one used by 4PX to signify that the package has left their facility and is in transit toward the service provider, (i.e the line-haul operator or carrier actually responsible for shipping the item overseas).

As we covered in this article, 4PX regularly works with other international carriers when shipping AliExpress shipments overseas.

A large number of AliExpress vendors utilize the company’s services to pick up ordered items from their warehouse and deliver them to the line-haul operator.

Essentially, the “Depart From Facility to Service Provider” alert is signifying the final step in that process.

Where is Your Package When you Receive the “Depart From Facility to Service Provider” Alert?

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The shipment is most likely inside a truck or train when you receive this alert.

It is definitely still inside China and the length of time it takes for your package to arrive at the service provider does vary.

In some situations, it could be several days. 4PX has facilities all over China, however, the carrier responsible for overseas transit will be located close to a major export hub such as Shanghai or Beijing. 

If your package travels across China to reach one of these hubs, your item could be in transit for several days. 

Tracking is Stuck on “Depart From Facility to Service Provider”

Depart From Facility to Service Provider

There is a very real possibility you have reached this article because your tracking has become stuck on “Depart From Facility to Service Provider”.

There are a number of reasons this may have happened.

First, there is the aforementioned fact that the distance between the 4PX facility the shipment has left, is a long distance from the service provider facility located at the export hub.

This can easily cause your tracking to be stuck for several days.

Another problem can arise if your package isn’t scanned once the service provider has received the item from 4PX.

Without any new updates, your tracking will seem stuck even though it is actually moving through the delivery infrastructure of the new carrier.

Finally, there is a situation where the service provider is creating new updates and you are not receiving them.

To check this you should try your tracking details inside a universal tracking app.

I recommend 17Track or ParcelsApp for this purpose. These services are free, and they will scan the databases of hundreds of carriers to see if details of your shipment exist anywhere else.

In other words, if you have been missing updates, these apps will find them for you.

Next Steps After “Depart From Facility to Service Provider”

steps Depart From Facility to Service Provider

Once the service provider has received your shipment it will begin the process of customs clearance before being loaded onto the plane or cargo ship for overseas transit out of China.

The length of time all of this will take will vary widely, so it is very difficult to put a time span on everything.

That being said, your expectation should be in line with the delivery service opted for.

This being an AliExpress order, (and likely via standard shipping if 4PX is being used), you are in for a wait. Standard shipping times range between 15 and 45 working days

Waiting several months for delivery is not uncommon. Your package may get held up in customs, or just sit in a warehouse for weeks before a plane or ship is available to ship the item.

Delays are also common when the shipment arrives in the destination country. ISCs operated by USPS or Liege in Belgium have been experiencing long processing times on AliExpress arrivals from China.

I generally recommend that you try to ignore your tracking updates (or lack of them) for at least the first month of the shipment, (assuming standard was chosen).

AliExpress offers a 60-day gurantee period on all orders. This is an important time period to be aware of.

If your order hasn’t arrived and this delivery window is closing, you will need to open a dispute with the seller.

This will enable you to claim a refund or have a replacement item sent to you.

Similar Updates to “Depart From Facility to Service Provider”

There are a number of carriers in China that operate similarly to 4PX. Both Yanwen and Sunyou take care of shipments inside China, however, these services will also carry out cross-border transit.

Yanwen Facility Outbound“, and “Departed Sunyou Facility” are both similar updates used by these competing carriers.

Final Words

Essentially, the “Depart From Facility to Service Provider” means that your package is still at the beginning of its shipment journey.

4PX has received the item from the AliExpress seller, scanned and sorted it within one of its facilities, and has now dispatched it toward a hub facility operated by the carrier responsible for overseas transit.

Depending on the service speed opted for your package is still anything between a few days and several months away from delivery.

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