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Yun Express “CDL Origin Scan” Tracking Status – What Does it Mean?

You’ve ordered an item from China and you have received a “CDL Origin Scan” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: CDL Origin Scan

The “CDL Origin Scan” is triggered when the carrier (Yun Express) first has the package in its delivery infrastructure and can take a physical scan of the label. It is the first scan that takes place and is in the origin location. 

CDL Origin Scan – Guide

Yun Express uses the “CDL Origin Scan” update to alert customers that the package has been scanned for the first time.

There are three main scenarios where the package can be scanned by Yun Express at the beginning stages of the delivery journey.

The first is with a Yun Express driver pickup, the second is at the product origin warehouse and the third is at the sorting facility owned by Yun Express that the package enters.

Essentially, the “CDL Origin Scan” is an indication of the first interaction that Yun Express has with the physical shipment.

Where is My Package When I Receive the “CDL Origin Scan” Update?

Clearly, the shipment is at the very beginning of its transit journey when you receive this update.

It has been prepared for shipment by the sender and the carrier (Yun Express) now has the physical package within its delivery infrastructure.

As mentioned above, when you receive this alert your package is either with the carrier driver that picked up the item or within a local facility close to the origin location.

What Happens After the “CDL Origin Scan” Update?

The next step after the “CDL Origin Scan” update is sorting within the origin carrier facility. From here the package will be dispatched towards the port of exit.

As Yun Express is predominantly an economy air cargo carrier service (used by Chinese eCommerce platforms), this means your package will be sent to an airport within China.

However, China is a large country with fulfillment warehouses located all over. It is very possible that your package will first board a plane within China for a domestic flight towards a main international hub airport such as Shanghai or Beijing.

All the same, from here the shipment will be prepared for cross-border transit.

My Tracking is Stuck on “CDL Origin Scan”

CDL Origin Scan

There are a number of reasons your package might end up stuck on the “CDL Origin Scan” update. These include situations such as:

  • High volumes of packages within the facility causing delay in sortation
  • Technical issues or a missed scan meaning progress isn’t being tracked
  • Staffing issues caused by Covid (China is still experiencing very strict lockdowns)
  • Package lost or stolen

Fortunately, items are rarely lost or stolen. However, with an economy service such as Yun Express, delays for logistical reasons are common.

What To Do if Your Tracking is Stuck

As the “CDL Origin Scan” alert occurs at the beginning of the shipment journey, you will have to remain patient. This is because carriers such as Yun Express are actually notorious for the infrequency of the tracking updates they provide.

If you were to contact the seller or the platform you ordered the item from so early in the delivery process, you will be just be told to wait longer.

Likewise, Yun Express customer services would be as equally as unhelpful if only a few days had passed since you received the update.

Frustrating, I know, but I am afraid this comes with the territory when ordering from China and using economy carrier services.

That being said, there are two proactive steps you can take if you experience no further updates for a long period of time.

1. Search Using a Universal Tracking App

tracking details search

It could be that your shipment has continued to move through the delivery infrastructure, yet you haven’t been receiving the updates.

One way to check this is to punch in the tracking details into a universal tracking app. This will search through the database of hundreds of carriers and if any matching information is available (in terms of your package), it will present it to you.

We recommend 17Track and ParcelsApp for this purpose.

Make Yourself Aware of Your Buyer Protection Period

If the days turn into weeks and you do not know the location of your shipment, you will need to make yourself aware of your buyer protection period.

For AliExpress orders, this period is 60 days. If there is still no sign of your item as this period draws to a close, you will be able to open a dispute with the platform and seller for a refund or replacement.

Final Words

The above being said, having to open a dispute is really the worst-case scenario. In most cases, you will receive further tracking updates after the “CDL Origin Scan” and you will know that your shipment is moving.

It is still in the early stages of transit, however, so expect to wait several weeks before your package arrives.

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