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Looking for the best virtual mailbox service?

In this review, we’ll go over the details of the US Global Mail platform and explain how it compares to others on the market.


US Global Mail is one of the longest-running virtual mailbox services based in the USA. The company launched over 20 years ago as a neighborhood postal center. They moved into the virtual mailbox arena very early on in the history of the sector, and have been providing their services to travelers, expats, digital nomads, and small businesses ever since.

Based out of Houston, Texas, the company boasts over 80,000 users and has serviced corporations such as Netflix and Chubb, and Shell in recent years.

This cloud-based platform has proved very popular with customers with an impressive rating on reputable user review websites such as Trust Pilot. That being said, is US Global Mail the right virtual mailbox for you? Today, we’ll explore its features and prices, customer reviews, and rate its specific services overall.

Our Approach:

For our US Global Mail review, we have focused on four main questions:

  • Is US Global Mail a good deal?
  • Who are their packages best suited for?
  • Are there better deals available?
  • Who uses US Global Mail and how did they rate their experience?

US Global Mail Review Summary

US Global Mail has two low-priced virtual mailbox plans for personal use that compare well against the likes of Traveling Mailbox and Anytime Mailbox. In fact, the plans here shine in that US Global Mail offers 45 and 90-day free storage on new mail items, (competing plans with other providers normally only offer 30 days). These low-budget options also provide unlimited scans on the exterior of the mail, (you are charged on every item that is opened and scanned, however).

The US Global Mail business plan is also very affordable at only $29.95 a month. This is even better in terms of physical mail storage, offering 180 days free as part of the plan. Another big bonus of US Global Mail is the free check deposit facility on all plans. This makes the service our recommended pick for property managers as most providers charge a fee for this.

However, there is one major negative aspect of US Global Mail that potential customers need to be aware of. Whereas all other mailbox services offer multiple addresses to choose from, here you do not have that option. The only address available is US Global Mail’s head office in Houston. This could definitely be a deal-breaker. That being said, this is a very reliable service with some quality features for the price.

US Global Mail Pros

  • Unlimited exterior mail scans
  • Long free physical mail storage on all plans
  • Affordable priced plans, even for business use.
  • Fast and easy remote mail management services across devices
  • Free check deposit facilities on all plans
  • All disposed mail is recycled (and can be shredded if requested)

US Global Mail Cons

  • Only one virtual address available
  • There are better services available for business users (Earth Class Mail for example)
  • Unlimited cloud storage is not available
  • No live chat facility for customer support
  • Doesn’t have a dedicated Android or IOS app

US Global Mail Alternatives

Another low-budget option is available through Traveling Mailbox. This has lots of available virtual addresses located across the U.S. Earth Class Mail is a better choice for larger businesses due to the availability of addresses in prestigious city locations. They also provide higher volume services directed towards enterprise users.








US Global Mail Ratings

Value – 4/5

US Global mail has two transparently priced plans below $15.
With long free physical mail storage times and check deposit included, the low-priced plans from US Global Mail are some of the best value options currently available. There is also no quota on the number of incoming mail items that you receive, (with unlimited exterior mail scans). Again, this differs from most of the competition on budget plans where strict quotas are in place.

Customer Service – 3.5/5

US Global Mail does not have live chat support
US Global customer support is not as comprehensive as the competition. The support staff is only accessible during office working hours (8 am – 6 pm CT) and is closed on weekends. When you consider that Anytime Mailbox is available Monday to Sunday from 5 am to midnight (PST), you see a big difference. Call options are also available within operating hours. The response time also varies depending on your plan, (standard 12hrs, priority 6hrs, etc). Overall, this could be better.

Ease of Use – 4/5

A well-designed web app. No dedicated Android or IOS app
The web app is well designed and does make the platform easy to use. This is also accessed on your phone via your web browser, (or by clicking on a link in your alert email). We would really like to see a dedicated mobile app made available, however. This way, in-app push notifications can be implemented, and generally, you can expect a better user experience as a result of a dedicated app.

Included Features – 4.5/5

US Global Mail includes quality features as part of all the price plans
Along with value for money, this is where US Global Mail really does shine. With unlimited exterior scans, long physical mail storage times, and free check deposit, the included features are hard to beat here. The lack of addresses and dedicated apps is the only negative when it comes to included features.

US Global Mail: Price Plans

US Global Mail has a very transparent pricing structure that makes it easy to understand what you are getting for the price. For personal use, there are two plans. For business users, there is just one plan. All plans provide the option for add-ons at a fee, (such as more recipients). There are also options for enterprise users and big businesses. However, these are priced on a case-by-case basis.

Personal Basic Plan: $9.99 p/mo (billed annually)

Basic Plans Pricing us global mail

The US Global Mailbox Basic Plans are designed as a low-budget starter option. Only one recipient name is included, however, all the main virtual mailbox services are available. Highlights of the package include:

  • Unlimited Exterior Envelope Scans / Month
  • 45 days of Physical Storage
  • 1 Mailbox Recipients
  • Free Check Deposit
  • 90 Days Digital Mail storage
  • 12hr Customer Support Response Times
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Who should purchase the US Global Mail Basic Plan?

The basic plan is for single expats, travelers, or digital nomads that require only one recipient name on the account and have a low budget. Families and businesses should NOT buy this plan.

Personal Plus Plan: $14.99 p/mo (billed annually)

us global mail plus plan

The US Global Mail Plus Plan is $5 more expensive than the basic plan. The same features apply, however, here additional names can be added to the account. There is also double the amount of time digital and physical mail can be stored before extra fees apply. Faster customer support response times are available too. The plan includes:

  • Unlimited exterior envelope scans / Month
  • 90 days of Physical Storage
  • Up to 10 additional Mailbox Recipients
  • Free Check Deposit
  • 180 Days Digital Mail storage
  • 6hr Customer Support Response Times
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Who should purchase the US Global Mail Plus Plan?

The Plus Plan is directly suited to expat families and travelers that require more recipient names on the account and will benefit from longer mail storage times and free check deposits.

Business Plan: $29.95 p/mo (billed annually)

business Plans Pricing Individual plans

The US Global Mail Business Plan has features and quotas suited to small businesses. The package includes:

  • Unlimited exterior envelope scans / Month
  • 180 days of Physical Storage
  • Unlimited account and business recipient names
  • Free Check Deposit
  • 180 Days Digital Mail storage
  • 6hr Customer Support Response Times
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Who should purchase the US Global Mail Business Plan?

As the name suggests this is a plan best suited to small and medium-sized businesses. The unlimited recipient names are a real benefit so that all staff can use the service. The price, when compared to competing business plans, is very good too.

Enterprise Users

Similar to Earth Class Mail, US Global Mail offers bespoke packages to enterprise users. These are built on a case-by-case basis so that the features, quotas, and costs suit the customer’s needs as closely as possible.

The aim of these packages is for US Global Mail to manage all the mailroom processes of the client. Large businesses such as Netflix, Chubb, and AIG utilize these services, proving that US Global Mail has the infrastructure in place to meet the demands of large volume users.

US Global Mail Customers

US Global Mail is used by expat families, travelers, digital nomads, and small business owners, that

  • Want reliable virtual mailbox services on a transparent pricing structure
  • Do not need a choice of virtual addresses and are happy to use the one provided
  • Are looking for better than average free mail and package storing options
  • Want easy an easy to use management interface that can be used on the move

Here are some verified reviews (from Trust Pilot) by people that use US Global Mail for their mailbox service needs:

“We have been living overseas now for a while and use this service to direct our US-based mail. I strongly recommend it. The technical service is great, the mailing options overseas are very discounted and efficient and the customer service is outstanding.”

“We’ve been with US Global Mail for over 15 years. Never a hitch! Smooth, efficient, great service!
Thanks so much!”

“Perfect and rapid service in all aspects of mail handling, scanning and forwarding. Staff is always helpful and accommodating . Couldn’t ask for better service.
Highly recommended.”

Final Thoughts on US Global Mail

Essentially, US Global Mail is a great option for single travelers & digital nomads that only need one name on the account and are working on a low budget. The plus plan is the next step up and will suit expat families due to the option of more recipients. Quotas are dealt with differently compared to the competition in that there is no limit on the number of incoming mail scans you can have. However, you will be charged when the contents of your mail are scanned. Small business users are well catered for too with features on offer here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I opt for a monthly pay-as-you-go plan with US Global Mail?

Yes, you can. The three main plans all have a monthly pay-as-you-go option. The prices are as follows if billed monthly; basic: $14.99, Plus: $19.99, and Business: $34.99. You can cancel at any time on all plans.

Does US Global Mail forward mail items and packages to any country?

Yes, US Global Mail has partnered with the largest shipping companies worldwide. This includes carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL. This means shipments can be made into the country you reside in.

Does US Global Mail have a Check Deposit Service?

Yes. The Mail-in Check Deposit Service is available on all plans and unlike competing services, is included free on all plans.

Are there penalties if I go over the limits of my plan?

US Global Mail does not issue penalties for going over your quota. Again, in a departure from competing services unlimited exterior scans are available on all plans. However, you will be charged a fee for having the contents of any item scanned, (see plan details for the cost of this).

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