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Earth Class Mail Now Offers 2-Factor Authentication on All Accounts

earth class mail

Earth Class Mail, one of the larger virtual mailbox services in the sector (that also offers integrated mailroom services for the likes of Reddit and Lyft), has recently announced a major security update.

Customer accounts can now be accessed via two-factor authentication. This applies to both the web platform and mobile applications.

These new increased security measures will help Earth Class Mail customers reduce the risk of compromised passwords.

A customer logging in will have to verify their identity across what is known as 2FA.

Essentially, even if a password is obtained by a 3rd party, accounts are still be protected by a security code that has to be obtained via the customers’ mobile phone device.

It is important to note that customers have the choice of whether to upgrade to the 2FA login security. They can still reach all services via traditional login methods.

Those that do want two-factor authentication will need a mobile number that they have access to or will have to use a third-party authentication app.

Earth Class Mail has made efforts to ensure that its security protocols are some of the best on the market.

The service also uses 256-bit encryption. This is the same type of security that banks and government organizations utilize in order to maintain customer confidentiality.

Furthermore, with your mail being opened by a 3rd party (which is at the core of all virtual mailbox services), the trustworthiness of the employees of the service is an important issue.

To this end, mail is processed at Earth Class Mail in a restricted-access environment, which is securely monitored at all times. 

Employees are also HIPAA-certified and have their backgrounds checked before they begin work.

The company takes security very seriously in other words. 

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