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“Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt” Lazada Tracking

You’re expecting an order from Lazada and you have received an “Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt” status update.

What does this update mean exactly? Why couldn’t the carrier deliver and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt – Lazada

When you receive this update it simply means that the carrier responsible for delivery of your Lazada order, attempted delivery to the destination address on that day, but was unable to leave the package. Commons reasons include no one at home to sign for the item, no safe location to leave the package, or access to the property being restricted.

Lazada “Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt” – Guide

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It is frustrating to receive an “Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt” tracking update.

You’ve been looking forward to the items you ordered from Lazada to arrive and at the last hurdle, there seems to be, well, a hurdle.

It is especially frustrating if you were actually at home to receive the package and you see this alert… you were there, how could a delivery attempt be unsuccessful?

Is the carrier lying about trying to deliver?

Before we answer that let’s take a step back and look at what the alert actually means and why you might have received it.

What Does “Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt” Mean?

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When you receive an “Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt” alert, it indicates that the carrier service assigned by Lazada attempted to deliver your package but was unable to do so.

The reasons behind unsuccessful delivery attempts can vary and may include factors such as:

No One at Home

This is the usual suspect that causes the alert.

If no one is available at the provided address to accept the delivery, the carrier will mark it as an unsuccessful attempt.

This could occur if the recipient (or someone else at the address) is not at home, at work, and is simply unavailable to receive the package.

No Safe Place to Leave the Package

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In situations where a signature is not stringently required, the carrier will look for a safe place to leave the package on the property.

However, if no safe place can be found (from bad weather or theft), the carrier will not leave the item.

In this case, an “Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt” alert will be triggered.

Restricted Access to the Delivery Address

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In some cases, the carrier might encounter difficulty accessing certain premises due to security measures, gated communities, or restricted entry policies.

This will obviously impede successful delivery.

Unreachable Address

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Remote areas, locations with poor network coverage, or places where the carrier service cannot operate efficiently may experience unsuccessful delivery attempts.

Incorrect Address

Finally, if the address provided by the customer during the order placement contains errors, such as misspellings, wrong postal codes, or incomplete information, the carrier may be unable to locate the intended destination.

What Should You Do if You Receive this Alert?

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When you receive an “Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt” alert, it is essential to take appropriate actions to ensure the successful delivery of your package.

Here are some recommended steps to follow:

1. Check the Alert Details

Read the alert message carefully to understand the specific reason behind the unsuccessful delivery attempt.

It may provide instructions or additional information about the next course of action.

Including, potentially, detail of when the next attempt to deliver the item will be made.

2. Verify the Address

If you suspect that the delivery address you provided might be incorrect or incomplete, cross-check it with the information provided in the alert.

Contact Lazada’s customer support and/or the carrier in charge of delivery, to rectify any address-related issues.

3. Contact the Carrier Service

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Use the contact information provided in the alert to get in touch with the carrier service responsible for the delivery attempt.

Inquire about the reason for the unsuccessful delivery and discuss possible solutions.

4. Schedule Re-delivery or Self-Pickup

Depending on the carrier’s policies and the specific circumstances, you may be able to reschedule the delivery at a convenient time or opt for self-pickup from a designated location.

Visit the carrier website, (or call) for instructions on how to arrange these alternatives.

6. Stay Updated and Patient

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Keep track of any updates or subsequent alerts regarding your package. Delivery attempts may be retried, or alternative solutions may be offered.

Exercise patience while allowing the carrier service to address the situation effectively.

Final Words

Receiving an “Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt” alert from Lazada can be frustrating, but understanding the reasons behind it and taking appropriate actions can help resolve the issue.

I for one hope that you get your package soon.

On the plus side, at least you know it is in the vicinity. It isn’t lost and the local carrier has it. Very often delivery will take place soon after.

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