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APC Delivery Not Arrived – What Now?

You’re expecting a delivery via APC Overnight and it hasn’t arrived.

You’ve been patient and several days have passed… So much for overnight delivery. 🤬

What should you do if this happens? Is your package lost?

Let’s take a look…

APC Delivery Not Arrived – Guide

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If you find yourself in a situation where your APC Overnight delivery has not arrived, it is essential to understand the steps you can take to resolve the issue promptly.

We recommend the following approach if it happens to you:

1. Stay Calm and Gather Relevant Information

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After discovering that your APC Overnight delivery has not arrived as expected, it is crucial to remain calm and collect relevant information before taking any further action.

There could well be a legitimate reason for the delay and/or absence of delivery, and you can avoid the embarrassment of yelling on the phone if the information is easily available to you.

So, first, you should locate your tracking number, which you can find on the receipt or confirmation email provided by APC Overnight.

2. Check Tracking Information

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The next step is to access APC Overnight’s online tracking system.

Visit their official website and enter your tracking number.

The tracking system will provide you with the most recent information available about the status and location of your package.

Pay close attention to any updates, including delivery attempts, exceptions, or potential issues.

This is where an explanation of the non-delivery scenario should be made clear.

3. Contact APC Overnight Customer Service

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If the tracking information does not provide a satisfactory explanation for the delay or missing package, it is time to reach out to APC Overnight customer services.

Contact their helpline on 0800 37 37 37, or use their online customer support portal to initiate communication.

Be prepared to provide your tracking number and any other relevant information about your shipment, such as the date of dispatch, delivery address, and delivery service used.

Explain the situation clearly and express your concern regarding the missing delivery.

4. Document Communications

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During your interactions with APC, it is a good idea to keep a record of all conversations.

Make note of the date and time of each communication, the names of the representatives you speak with, and a summary of the conversation.

The same applies to any emails you send or tickets you open via the website.

This documentation will serve as evidence in case you need to escalate the matter or file a formal complaint.

5. Cooperate and Provide Additional Information

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The customer service team may request additional details to help investigate the missing delivery.

Cooperate with their requests promptly.

Provide any necessary information, such as descriptions of the package contents, proof of purchase, or any special delivery instructions you provided during the order process.

The more information you can provide, the better equipped APC Overnight will be to locate your package.

Although you may be annoyed by the inconvenience of the missing package, the representative is only trying to do their job.

If you see the process of finding the item as a “team effort” where your assistance is required, APC will be able to work more efficiently to find out what went wrong.

Follow Up & Keep An Eye on Your Tracking


Once you have reported the missing delivery, you should follow up with APC Overnight regularly.

Inquire about the progress of the investigation and request updates on the situation.

Regularly check the tracking system for any updates or changes related to your package.

In other words, keep the pressure on. 😁

File a Complaint / Missing Item Claim

APC Overnight customer services page

If all attempts to resolve the issue directly with APC Overnight prove unsuccessful, you may consider filing a formal complaint and or starting a missing shipment claim.

You can find out more on the APC Overnight website on how to do this.

Final Words

Experiencing a missing APC Overnight delivery can be frustrating, we’ve all been there, no matter what your favorite carrier is.

We always recommend you approach the situation calmly, however.

By staying informed, communicating with APC Overnight’s customer service, and documenting your efforts, you increase your chances of a satisfactory resolution.

At the end of the day, it is in APC Overnight’s best interest to locate and deliver your package as soon as possible, so maintaining open lines of communication and persistence is key to resolving the issue efficiently.

Good luck, we hope you receive your item soon.

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