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“Shipment Information Received” Yun Express Tracking

You’ve ordered an item from China and received a “Shipment Information ReceivedYun Express tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Yun Express – Shipment Information Received

This update means that the sender has made an order with Yun Express and that the “Shipment Information” has been received by the carrier. When the alert is triggered, a tracking number has been assigned to the shipment, however, the physical package is still with the sender.

Shipment Information Received Yun Express – Guide

Shipment Information Received

There are many variations of this update and most carriers (especially those services that work closely with eCommerce platforms) will send an alert once an order has been made.

Essentially, it is triggered because the sender has created a shipping label with Yun Express. 

For larger platforms such as Shein, the is done automatically once the order has been picked from the warehouse shelves.

It will be packaged and weighed and then the order with Yun Express is made through the Shein system.

Shipment Information Received

A tracking number will be assigned to the package, your Shein account will show these details, and a “Shipment Information Received” status alert will be triggered.

The package will then be held by Shein while it awaits pickup from Yun Express.

Once the item is physically inside the Yun Express delivery network and receives its first scan, (normally completed at the point of pick-up); your tracking will update accordingly.

Whether the seller is Shein, working through AliExpress, or just an individual using Yun Express to ship a package, the process remains the same.

An order for a shipping label is made, a tracking number is assigned and the “Shipment Information Received” alert is sent.

What Happens if Tracking Stuck?

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The is a very real possibility that you have searched and found this article because your tracking is stuck on this update from Yun Express.

So what should you do?

Firstly, it is a good idea to understand why the tracking might be stuck…

Delay in Sender handing Consignment to Yun Express

International Warehouse Awaiting Packaging

A common issue from the point of the seller/sender is stock levels or warehouse backlog.

Simply put, if the seller is waiting for stock to be refilled before it can send your item, the Yun Express order is made but it cannot be dispatched as yet.

You will see the “Shipment Information Received” alert until your order is ready to be shipped.

The same applies to delays in the warehouse, (technical, logistical, staffing levels, etc); that prevent your packaged order from being ready to go out of the door.

Delay in Yun Express Collecting & Scanning the Package

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The flip side of the coin in terms of responsibility for your tracking being stuck is problems with Yun Express.

Similar logistical and technical problems (weather, staffing levels, vehicle breakdown) that prevent Yun Express from collecting the package from the sender, will lead to you seeing the “Shipment Information Received” update for longer than you should.

Essentially, anything that causes a delay in the consignment from entering the Yun Express delivery network and receiving its first physical scan, will cause your tracking to be stuck.

So When Should You Start to Worry?

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I always recommend giving your package at least 7 business days to enter the Yun Express network for that first scan.

Yun Express is a budget carrier, and as the issues listed above show; delays can occur.

However, none are particularly insurmountable.

Your package will start moving and will enter the network before long.

The fact the likes of Shein and AliExpress provide such long estimated delivery times is an indication of this.

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I recommend you ignore the tracking at the beginning

The best approach if Yun Express is responsible for your shipment is to ignore the tracking, (or lack thereof).

Make yourself aware of the estimated delivery duration, as well as any seller gurantee periods.

Sure, it is wise to check in on the tracking from to time, but as long as there is no pointed instruction or alert that signifies a real issue… you should let things run their course.

No news, while not necessarily great news, doesn’t mean that anything is wrong.

If you do need to make contact, Yun Express support can be found here.

You should also contact the platform you ordered your item from.

Overall, patience is very often required when receiving a Yun Express package from overseas.

You have been warned. 🙂

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