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What Does “Manifested for Delivery” Mean? (Evri / Hermes Tracking)

You’re expecting a package from Evri (formally Hermes) and you’ve received a “Manifested for Delivery” status update.

What does this mean? Is your package close to delivery and what should you do if your tracking is stuck on this alert?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Manifested for Delivery

The “Manifested for Delivery” status alert is triggered after Evri has added your shipment to the manifest of the delivery driver. This means it is close to going “out for delivery” to the recipient’s address.

Manifested for Delivery – Guide

manifested for delivery

“Manifested for Delivery” basically means that the driver responsible for delivery has the shipment within their manifest.

The alert is normally sent out after the package has been sorted inside the Evri facility in the region of the recipient.

The sorting process has designated a driver and the shipment has been attached to the manifest.

Essentially, your package is close to delivery at this stage. It will likely be on the truck for delivery within the next 24hrs.

What Happens After the “Manifested for Delivery” Update?

delivery driver

The delivery truck that has been assigned your shipment will pick up the package from the Evri depot.

Once this happens you should receive a “Courier Received” status alert and/or an “Out for Delivery” update.

At this point, you can expect your package to be delivered that same day.

Something To Note:

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When Evri was Hermes the “On its way” update was also used to indicate that the package was moving toward delivery.

It seems this positive, somewhat informal status alert is no longer used.

But please, correct me if I am wrong in the comments. It has been a while since I have used Evri / Hermes.

Why is my Tracking on a “Manifested for Delivery” Update Loop?

manifested for delivery

Sometimes, the “Manifested for Delivery” can be triggered several times during the tracking chain for delivery, (see screenshot image above).

This can happen in situations where the driver has been unable to complete the delivery.

Whether it’s through not having enough time during that delivery day or the recipient not being there to receive the item, if the package is returned to the local Evri depot, it will be rescanned.

This process causes the package to be reassigned to the driver’s manifest, and once again, triggers the “Manifested for Delivery” update.

Again, looking at the example screenshot above, we can see that the alert has been sent three times.

In order to prevent this from happening, you will need to ensure that someone is at the address to receive the item, or that you make arrangements for delivery by other means.

My Tracking is Stuck on “Manifested for Delivery”

manifested for delivery

In the rare instance that your tracking becomes stuck on “Manifested for Delivery” for several days, without any further updates, (or of course delivery), you will need to contact Evri.

Essentially, your item has been assigned a delivery truck but has not left the depot in this situation.

It could be that it has been mislaid within the facility, or a problem has occurred.

Either way, Evri customer support is your best course of action here.

The carrier has a useful chat feature on the website where you will be able to start inquiries into the whereabouts of your package.

Final Words

package on doorstep

Essentially, the “Manifested for Delivery” status alert is a good tracking update to receive.

It means that your shipment has been assigned to a delivery driver, and once it has been picked up, delivery will be imminent.

It also means that you should have the means to collect the item from the driver otherwise you may see your package being sent to and fro the Evri depot until delivery can be completed.

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