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What is the FedEx Tipping Policy? Can You Tip the Driver?

Whether it’s the holidays or you just want to show your appreciation, what is the FedEx tipping policy between drivers and customers?

Let’s take a look.

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SUMMARY: FedEx Tipping Policy

  • FedEx Drivers CANNOT accept cash, gift cards or gift certificates as tips
  • FedEx Drivers CAN accept gift items up to the value of $75
  • FedEx Drivers CANNOT accept any gift offered as a bribe or payoff
  • Restrictions apply all year round including traditional gift-giving seasons

FedEx Tipping Policy: Can You Tip the Driver?

Unfortunately, the FedEx tipping policy is strict. The FedEx Code of Conduct page states that:

Gifts of cash or cash equivalents, such as gift cards or gift certificates, are prohibited

This applies to all FedEx staff, clients, and customers. It also applies all year round.

In fact, FedEx specifically states that the “policy applies at all times and does not change during traditional gift-giving seasons.”

In other words, if you want to hand over a few dollars at Christmas time, or after a rather heavy package arrives, you can’t.

FedEx drivers will refuse the tip as it is against company policy.

Can I Buy a Gift and Tip the FedEx Driver With That?

FedEx Tipping Policy

Buying a gift to tip a FedEx driver provides a little more leeway. The FedEx website states that:

Gifts, meals, travel, and entertainment that are repetitive (no matter how small) may create an obligation to the giver and are prohibited”.

The keywords there are, “that are repetitive”. Essentially, if you would like to tip a FedEx driver a one-off gift, you should have no problem and they will be able to accept.

Suggested tips of this nature would be a gift basket. As long as it is a tangible gift and not money or cash equivalent, your symbol of appreciation can be received by the FedEx driver.

What Value Gift Can I Tip a FedEx Driver?

According to the FedEx Global Gifts Policy, a driver may accept a gift up to $75 in value or less. Cumulatively, gifts cannot exceed this value within a 12 month period.

Can I Tip a FedEx Driver to Make My Address Earlier on the Route?

You should definitely not attempt to tip a FedEx driver in order to change their route so that you receive packages earlier. This would be a bribe and accepting would be a sackable offense for the FedEx driver.

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  1. Some, if not all, Fed Ex delivery drivers are contractors, not employees of the company. (UPS drivers are employees of UPS). As contractors they have to insure themselves, rent the truck, and they likely receive no benefits. Sick or injured? No paid sick leave or workers’ comp. Paid vacation? Nope.

    Give a tip if you can afford it.


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