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Hold at UPS Access Point Requested – Tracking Guide

You’re expecting a delivery from UPS and have received a “Hold at UPS Access Point Requested ” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Which Access Point will it be held at and what do you do if it states pending? 

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Hold at UPS Access Point Requested

A UPS Access Point is a third-party retail location and locker where packages can be held for up to 5 days for recipients to collect them. When you see a “Hold at UPS Access Point Requested” tracking notification, it simply means that the UPS order has been made (or adjusted) so that the delivery address is a UPS Access Point.

Hold at UPS Access Point Requested – Guide

UPS Access Point
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What Is a UPS Access Point®?

A UPS Access Point is a secure pickup and drop-off location for UPS packages.

The Access Point is actually a touchscreen kiosk that is housed in or around a third-party business working with UPS to provide this service.

There are hundreds of these locations available around the US.

Requesting a “Hold at UPS Access Point”

UPS Access Point Website

When the original UPS delivery order is made by the sender, or during the shipment journey up until just before final delivery, a package can be designated as “Hold at UPS Access Point”.

This simply means that instead of the package being delivered to the recipient’s address, the item will be held at a nearby UPS Access Point for them to collect instead.

If you are the recipient and have requested this outcome, the circumstances should not come as a surprise.

You will have access to the option via your tracking account of the package.

You will also have requested the specific access point during the change to the delivery details and will know where to go to collect your shipment once it arrives there.

But it states “Hold at UPS Access Point Requested – Pending

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Okay, you may have reached this article because you have requested a hold and it is stated as pending.

This is actually quite normal. 

If the shipment is already in transit or between UPS sorting facilities, the tracking will not update to say “Hold at UPS Access Point Requested – Confirmed” until the package has had its next scan.

Essentially, as long as the package isn’t already out on the truck with delivery to the recipient’s address happening imminently, you should have no issues making an Access Point hold request.

However, be prepared to see the “Pending” status for up to around 24hrs in some cases, while you wait for the package to be scanned and the request to be confirmed.

I Didn’t Make the Request!?

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If you’re the recipient, and you didn’t make the request, the only other person that could have made the changes is the sender.

They will have their own reasons for doing so, (unless the change was made in error); and you should contact them to find out why the change was made.

As the recipient, you should make arrangements that suit you in terms of picking up the item.

If the Access Point is not convenient, and the item has not arrived there yet, you will be able to change the details of the delivery so that your address is used instead.

Using a UPS Access Point

As mentioned above, a UPS Access Point is essentially a touchscreen kiosk housing a number of lockers.

One of these lockers will contain your package, and you can retrieve it by entering the specific tracking number details via the touchscreen controls.

You can also retrieve the package by entering the details of the UPS InfoNotice left by the driver or the delivery notification number found in your UPS account.

You have up to 5 days to retrieve your package once it arrives at an Access Point. Anything longer than 5 and you risk your package being returned to the recipient.

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