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Can You Stop a UPS Truck to Collect Your Package?

stop a ups truck

The answer is yes, you can stop a UPS driver to collect your package before they reach your address. How you do this is what we will look into today.

There are a number of reasons you may wish to stop a UPS truck. You might see a UPS driver in your area and know that your package is on board.

You might also wish to stop a UPS truck before it reaches your address and would like to organize pick-up along the driver’s route.

Let’s explore how you can do this.

How to Stop a UPS Truck to Get Your Package

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If you see a UPS driver doing their rounds in your local area, you can stop to talk to them and ask for your package. Here’s the process step by step:

  • Ask the driver if they have the package that is addressed to you.
  • The driver will check their DIAD (Delivery Information Acquisition Device) and will look up details for your address.
  • If a package on the truck is addressed to you, this device will give the driver that information.
  • The driver will then ask you for an I.D. for that package. Your I.D. will need to match the name and address of the package recipient.
  • Assuming you have these details on you, the UPS driver will give you your package.
  • The driver will then scan the package as delivered on the DIAD, and will no longer need to visit your address.

Good work. You’ve stopped the UPS truck to intercept your package and saved yourself the issue of arranging another delivery time or rushing home to be there to collect.

How to Stop UPS Truck to Get Your Package in Advance

stop a ups truck in advance

In some situations, you might know in advance that you need to stop or intercept a UPS truck before it reaches your address.

An example of this is wanting to make arrangements to pick up on the road leading up to your home.

If you know that your UPS package is “Out for Delivery”, (i.e on the truck for final delivery to your address), the following process will help you stop the truck at an alternative location:

  • Contact 1–800-PICKUPS, cite your tracking number and explain that you would like to pick up the package along the driver’s route.
  • The UPS representative will transfer you to the local UPS facility that loaded the package onto the truck for delivery.
  • The local facility will have information on what truck your package is on and the contact details of the driver.
  • You can request that the driver be contacted to see if they would be able to meet you at a location prior to reaching your address.
  • Very often this presents no issue. Your cell phone details will be left with the driver and they will contact you once they reach the location to hand over the package.
  • If the driver agrees to meet prior to reaching the official delivery address, you will need the correct I.D (name and address) as stated on the package.

Note the words, “if the driver agrees to meet prior to reaching the official delivery address.” Stopping along the route to hand over a UPS package is the driver’s discretion.

This means that sometimes the request may be denied. The location might be inconvenient for the driver to stop, for example.

Or they have already reached the package address and attempted delivery.

Final Words

Essentially, you can stop a UPS truck to collect your package before it reaches your address.

If you plan in advance to do this at a specific location, you will need to contact 1–800-PICKUPS to make arrangements. Even then, the alternative drop-off is at the driver’s discretion.

In all cases, (unless you are completely familiar to the UPS driver) you will need to show I.D matching the name and address of the package.

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