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“Departure Scan” – UPS Tracking Guide

You’re expecting a delivery from UPS and have received a “Departure Scan“ tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and what do you do if the tracking is stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: “Departure Scan” – UPS

The “Departure Scan” tracking alert from UPS means your package departed a UPS sorting facility. The update can be triggered several times throughout the shipment journey as the package will be processed through and depart from more than one facility on its way to the destination address.

UPS: Departure Scan – Guide

UPS truck

Essentially, when you receive a “Departure Scan” tracking alert from UPS you know that your shipment is now in transit once again.

All package items that have been loaded onto a specific truck will receive a “Departure Scan” update once the truck leaves a UPS facility. 

In other words, all the package tracking numbers assigned to the truck will send out this alert, based on the fact the truck has left the facility.

The next step is transit to a facility further along the delivery network.

All these packages including the one you are tracking will be heading to this destination.

Upon arrival at the next facility, the truck will trigger an “Arrival Scan” for all items assigned to it.

As mentioned in the summary above, a package will pass through one or more facilities on the way to the recipient’s address.

This means that the “Departure Scan” can be triggered multiple times.

So Where is My UPS Package When I Receive this Update?

Departure Scan UPS

We know that your package is in transit to the next facility when you receive the “Departure Scan” update.

However, to ascertain how far the shipment is through the delivery process, you only need to look at the location attached to the “Departure Scan” update.

This will be stated in a line below the alert on your UPS tracking page.

If this is the first time the alert has been triggered and the location is close to the sender, you know that this is what’s called the “Origin Facility”… the package will now be on its way to a facility closer to the recipient, however, the shipment is still very much in the early stages of delivery.

If, however, the package has already arrived and departed two or more facilities and the location stated beneath the alert is in the region of the recipient, it is very likely that the next update you receive will state that the item is out for delivery.

Your package is just a day or two away at this stage.

Tracking Stuck on UPS “Departure Scan”

Road Block

First, you should remember that your package is in transit when you receive this update.

Depending on the distance between UPS facilities, (is this an international delivery for example), the item could be in transit for several days.

If a standard shipping speed has been used, I recommend that you do not begin to be concerned over a “Departure Scan” alert being stuck for up to 5 business days.

After this time, if no new alerts are triggered, you should contact UPS to find out more.

An expedited delivery service is obviously different. 

If a 24 or 48-hour UPS delivery speed has been ordered, you will need to contact UPS within a short time of the item being stuck on “Departure Scan”. 

Whatever the reason, if the delivery window runs out, and the package hasn’t arrived you will want an explanation as well as potential compensation.

Why is My Package Stuck on UPS “Departure Scan”?

UPS departure Scan stuck

A package being stuck in transit after departing a facility all comes down to normal logistical issues.

Something in the delivery network has occurred to prevent your package from progressing as it should.

The problem with logistics is that this issue can come in many forms. 

Bad weather, technical, traffic, and mechanical issues will all prevent a truck, plane, or boat from reaching its destination in a timely manner.

Staffing problems or human error can also have an impact.

Essentially, the reason your package is delayed in transit is probably of little consolation… you will want UPS to mitigate the delay as soon as possible so that your package arrives on time.

Contacting UPS will be the first step in doing this, should your tracking be stuck on this alert.

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