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What does “Tendered for Delivery” mean when using FedEx?

If a package you are waiting for has been shipped by FedEx, you may check the tracking number and find a “Tendered for Delivery” notification.

Like all “good” updates, this can be difficult to understand. It is vague and it doesn’t really tell you where your package is.

Fear not, in this article we will uncover what “Tendered for Delivery” means when using FedEx.

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FedEx Tendered for Delivery – Key Points

  • “Tendered for Delivery”  – This means that FedEx has passed the shipment on to another carrier for the “last mile” of delivery to the recipient. In most cases, this will USPS. 
  • “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” – This is a similar tracking update to the one above. FedEx no longer has your package, it has been passed onto the delivery service provider responsible for the final delivery.
  • “Tendered at FedEx OnSite” – This means that the Package has been delivered by FedEx. It is OnSite. This status update is used when the package is left with retail locations offering FedEx pick up and drop off services.
  • “Tendered to Postal Service” – This one is quite clear. Here, FedEx has passed the package onto USPS and the item is at the Post Office.  

What does “tendered” “mean when using FedEx?

As we can see, there are a number of tracking updates that include the word “Tendered” when using FedEx.

Essentially, when you see “Tendered” used within a FedEx update you know that your package has been passed over to a carrier partner.

FedEx: Tendered to Delivery Service Provider


Tendered to Delivery Service Provider and Tendered for Delivery, both mean the same thing. The package has been dropped off to the carrier partner that will be in charge of making the final delivery.

The reason this is mostly USPS is due to the fact the reach of the Post Office is far wider than FedEx.

There are a number of addresses and locales that FedEx does not deliver to.

In situations where this happens, USPS with a reach that caters to all registered addresses in the U.S is used to make the final delivery, (FedEx SmartPost works based on this entire principle.)

Essentially, when you see either of these updates the package has been handed over to the local post office. Here it will be scanned and finally dropped off to the recipient the next time the local USPS driver makes the relevant rounds. 

FedEx: Tendered to Postal Service

This is a more specific tracking update that provides you with more information compared to the general tendered updates above.

Essentially, FedEx is telling you that the package is in the process of being delivered to the nearest post office for delivery.

FedEx: Arrived at Facility Partner


This update differs slightly from the above in that it will not necessarily mean the package has reached the final stage of its journey.

A worldwide shipment via FedEx may go through a number of service partners before it reaches its final destination.

When you see a “arrived at facility partner” notification, you are being told that the package has been picked up by the third-party shipper.

This partner will deliver the package to another destination, (hub, service center etc) before it continues its journey.

The important issue is that the same tracking number will provide you with information throughout.

Tendered at FedEx OnSite

The final “Tendered” update we will look at is Tendered at FedEx OnSite.

You will see this update when FedEx has delivered the package to a participating retail location offering FedEx pick-up and drop-off services. It is stating that the package is “OnSite” at that location

In FedEx’s view, the package has been delivered to the retailer and is ready for collection.

You might see this notification if you have ordered delivery through a FedEx Onsite location, (your local Walgreens pharmacy, for example).

You would have been given a FedEx OnSite tracking code when you made your order. The “Tendered at FedEx OnSite” notification is telling you that the prints have arrived at the location, (i.e the pharmacy), and are ready for you to collect.

What Do You do When you Receive a Tendered for Delivery FedEx Update?


As you will have seen from this article, in most situations there is little you have to do when you receive a “tendered for delivery” FedEx notification.

In most cases where the package has been handed over to USPS for the final mile of delivery, the item will be delivered within 2 days of the update.

If it falls over a weekend, this could amount to 3 days.

In situations where you are waiting longer than this, you should check your tracking number again and contact FedEx for an explanation.

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