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Anytime Mailbox is now part of the RSA Premium Supplier Program


Retail Shipping Associates (RSA) is a big deal when it comes to the retail shipping community. It is the leading trade organization within the sector and counts over 7,000 Mailbox Business Centers in its membership across the U.S.

Anytime Mailbox, a popular virtual mailbox service that offers addresses all over the world, is now part of the RSA Premium Supplier Program.

This means that Anytime Mailbox will now be supporting the retail shipping community, through its partnership with Retail Shipping Associates. Essentially, they are in a contract to provide RSA with virtual mailbox services.

As Matt Going, Anytime Mailbox’s CEO & Co-Founder, said in a recent new release, “We’re thrilled to be joining forces with Retail Shipping Associates to provide a robust incentive which helps their membership kickstart a Virtual Mailbox offering.”

This is a big contract for Anytime Mailbox. Through the RSA Premium Supplier Program, Anytime Mailbox will now provide big discounts to Retail Shipping Associates Premium Members.

This relationship comes off the back of Anytime Mailbox’s growth in terms of robust virtual mailbox services and the means to provide services for larger businesses.

This clearly has not gone unnoticed by Retail Shipping Associates. RSA President Brandon Gale stated, “We’ve witnessed how the Anytime Mailbox team has built a top tier business with a Virtual Mailbox software product that generates incredible value to Mailbox Business Centers and the retail shipping community overall.” 

He went on to sing the praises of the company, stating that “it’s no surprise that we are happy to have them on board to boost our membership in establishing a Virtual Mailbox offering.

There are some big names working in association with the RSA today, (including DHL Express, Chubb, Intuit, Aflac, and PostalMate), however, Anytime Mailbox is the first full virtual mailbox service platform to be part of the Premium Supplier Program.

We’ll be watching this space to see if how this new relationship develops.  

To learn more about Anytime Mailbox’s RS Premium Supplier discount offered to RS Premium Members, head here.

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