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Does FedEx Deliver to Apartments?

Does FedEx deliver to apartments? That’s the topic today.

Whether you live in a gated community, a building under management, or on the top floor of an apartment and wondering whether FedEx will deliver to your door, we will give you the answers.

Let’s dive in…

Does FedEx Deliver to Apartments?

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Yes, FedEx does deliver to apartments, however, where your package will be left does vary.

If the FedEx driver has access, they will attempt to make delivery to your front door, even if you live in an apartment.

If that’s not possible, your package may be left with a building reception or management office, or if you have a parcel locker installed, one of those too.

However, in cases where a signature is required, the latter will not happen.

Essentially, whether a FedEx driver will deliver to the front door of an apartment is down to access.

How Does Fedex Gain Access to Apartments?

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There are several ways that a FedEx driver may gain access to an apartment complex in order to deliver your package.

The first is simply buzzing the intercom for entrance. The number of the recipient will be on the package and the driver will ring the appropriate bell.

If the recipient is home, they can buzz the driver in or alternatively head to the main entrance to pick up the item.

Also, if the complex front door is open or someone is in the lobby, the driver will be let in so they can continue to your apartment door or locker.

Rarely will a FedEx driver ring the number of other tenants in order to gain entrance. This is considered rude and annoying for someone not expecting a parcel.

If the FedEx driver cannot successfully gain entrance, your FedEx tracking details will be updated to state attempted delivery, and delivery failed.

Do FedEx Drivers Have Keys, Swipe Cards, or Passcodes to Enter Apartment Complexes?

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For security reasons, it is rare that building management will provide carriers with entry keys or swipe cards.

However, it is possible for customers to enter the entry passcode to their complex via the special delivery instructions option with FedEx. (More on that below).

Carriers, including FedEx, are normally proactive when they have been provided with a building access code.

The details are entered into the carrier address data system. It will then show up on the driver’s handset anytime they have to deliver to that address.

If a past FedEx customer has provided the passcode, (and it is not regularly changed), the driver will have that information to gain access for future deliveries.

Can FedEx Leave Packages with Apartment Building Managers?

building reception

This all depends on the building management and the relationship it has with both the carrier and the apartment owners.

You would need to check the relevant policies with your building manager. Some are more than happy to sign for FedEx packages on your behalf.

Others deem it too much of a security risk, (or simply inconvenient), and will not accept FedEx packages when they arrive at your apartment building.

If your building has strict and unhelpful policies on this, it might be a good idea to rally support from your neighbors and petition for a change.

Will FedEx Call Me to Gain Access and Deliver to My Apartment?

Call center

A FedEx driver may call to say they are at your apartment complex and need entry, however, there are no guarantees.

FedEx does not provide its drivers with cell phones or phone contracts. In other words, it is entirely up to the driver whether they make a courtesy call to contact you.

It is just as easy for them to create an “attempted delivery” update and move on to the next delivery if access to the apartment cannot be made.

Do FedEx Drivers Deliver to the 3rd Floor (or Higher?)

Does FedEx deliver to apartments

If the FedEx driver is able to gain entrance to the building complex they will deliver to your front door, even if it is on the 3rd floor or above.

However, does your building have a general delivery policy in place that is often used by carriers?

For instance, if there is a central drop-off location (parcel locker for instance), or a reception desk where items can be left, they will utilize that rather than reaching your front door.

How Can You Ensure That FedEx Delivers to Your Apartment?


As we have seen, building access is the key factor in whether FedEx will deliver to apartments.

Let’s take a look at your options

FedEx Delivery Manager

FedEx Delivery Manager

One very reliable option is to use the FedEx Delivery Manager.

This is a free service for FedEx customers and can be accessed with a quick sign-up (name and email).

With your tracking code, you will be able to look at the progress of your package and enter custom delivery options to help ensure your item is successfully delivered.

In the case of apartment owners, this means you can provide the building entry passcode, the location, and name of a neighbor or building manager’s office for delivery, or any other information that will assist the driver. 

Furthermore, you can update these delivery preferences in real time and after the package has been shipped.

Importantly, you also can change the preferences to state that a signature is not required.

This, of course, opens up options for alternative delivery locations in and around your apartment.

Install a Parcel Locker

parcel locker

If your apartment complex has the means, installing a parcel locker in a secure place on-site is a good way of ensuring FedEx delivery.

You would need to provide delivery instructions stating that a signature is not required, however, a central locker does make delivery foolproof for the carrier.

Parcel locker installation would require the cooperation of other tenants and building management and will not necessarily be cheap.

Building Management Policy

building management system on laptop

We have mentioned this already, however, if you live in an apartment complex with on-site building management and/or reception concierge facilities, knowing the policies on deliveries is important.

Measures may be in place for receiving deliveries from the likes of FedEx, and you will want to follow them.

If none are in place, it might be a good time to see if any can be implemented.

Final Words

Essentially, FedEx does deliver to apartments. However, where access is an issue, the onus is on the customer to ensure that measures are in place so that the driver can successfully complete the delivery.

If FedEx can’t, it will be marked as a failed delivery and you will have to arrange to pick the package up, or alternative ways of delivery. Both of which, can be frustrating.

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