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Does DHL Deliver to Your Door? 

You’re expecting a delivery and you’re wondering if DHL delivers to your door.

You might also be thinking about whether DHL will deliver to your mailbox.

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Does DHL Deliver to Your Door?

Yes, DHL typically delivers to the recipient’s front door. The driver will attempt full delivery to the front door in order to hand over the parcel directly to the recipient. This is especially relevant if a signature is required. If DHL cannot deliver to the front door, a designated safe space around the property or delivery to a neighbor will take likely take place instead. 

Does DHL Deliver to Your Door – Guide

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As explained in the summary above, DHL will typically deliver packages directly to the recipient’s door.

Depending on the service level and location, DHL may also require a signature upon delivery.

If no one is at the destination address, and the delivery cannot be completed, the driver may leave the package in a designated safe place. 

Where appropriate, the parcel may also be left with a neighbor or a nearby DHL ServicePoint location.

All that being said, DHL delivery practices do vary depending on the country and region.

Although DHL will attempt to deliver to your front door, it’s always best to check with your local DHL office for specific information regarding delivery to your area.

What about Mailboxes? Does DHL Deliver to those?


DHL does not typically deliver to residential mailboxes in the USA, as these are usually reserved for the US Postal Service.

This adds credence to the fact DHL typically delivers packages directly to the recipient’s door.

In many ways, the driver has few other choices.

The same approach is applied if no one is there at the residential address however, delivery often takes place via the alternative methods already mentioned.

Does DHL Deliver to Apartments?

Apartment complex

Finally, let’s take a look at whether DHL delivers to apartments.

This actually varies and is dependent on the nature of the apartment complex.

In some scenarios, DHL will definitely deliver directly to the apartment’s front door.

However, you will have to buzz them in or provide access so that they can reach your door.

Other apartments may have mailbox drop points at the entrance, or door staff that will receive a package on your behalf.

Again, if you know you are not going to be in, you should visit the DHL website to make alternative delivery arrangements.

Final Words

Essentially, unless other delivery arrangements have been made, DHL will attempt to deliver to your front door.

So, it is a good idea to have someone there to receive the parcel.

If you can’t, you should notify DHL and provide some other means so that the item can be delivered successfully.

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