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DHL Signature Release – Complete Guide

You’re expecting a delivery from DHL and in your account, you’ve found the option labeled “DHL Signature Release“.

What does this mean exactly? Who can request this for delivery and when should you use it?

Let’s take a look…


Summary: DHL Signature Release

Essentially, DHL Signature Release is a service that allows recipients to authorize package delivery without requiring a physical signature, offering convenience at the cost of potential security considerations.

What is DHL Signature Release?

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As standard procedure, all DHL Express shipments require a recipient’s signature upon delivery.

This signifies the fulfillment of the service, and it also offers reassurance to senders about their deliveries.

However, as the summary states, the Signature Release option is a service option provided by DHL to bypass this.

It empowers recipients to choose to receive their shipment without the requirement of a signature, enabling the driver to leave the package at a prearranged location.

It is a move to make things easier for people to receive packages even if they are not at home.

Instead of needing someone to sign off on the package before it can be released, DHL can hand over the package without delay.

How to Request DHL Signature Release?

DHL Signature Release

Requesting a DHL Signature Release is straightforward.

Simply access the details of the package being delivered via your DHL account or tracking page and navigate to the “Signature Release” option.

Select the package and click signature release, then navigate to the following sections on the same page:

Step 1: Where

front door

You will need to select where you want the package left in the absence of a signature.

Default options of an “agreed place” include the front door, porch, yard, garage, and parcel safety box.

There is also a field where you can leave gate/door access codes and a box for any other information.

Essentially, the more detailed information you can leave for the DHL driver, the more chance of your delivery being safe and successful.

Step 2: Date & Time


You can also select a new date and time for the delivery within the signature release option screen.

This is useful for obvious reasons but is also optional. If you are happy with the original delivery date and time, there is no need to change anything.

Step 3: Authorization

Here you will need to tick an authorize box and write the recipient’s name so that DHL has permission to make delivery without a signature.

After confirming this, a signature release will be set and delivery will be made accordingly.

Can I Cancel the Signature Release Option?


Yes, you can cancel this option by simply navigating to the signature release option screen.

However, you will need to do this before the package is out for delivery to ensure that the driver has been updated in time.

Does Liability Coverage Change with DHL Signature Release?

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The good news is, that DHL’s liability coverage remains consistent even when you select the signature release service.

Since the recipient grants advance permission for the parcel to be left unattended, DHL’s responsibility for any loss or damage remains unaltered.

There are some variables you need to be aware of, however:

  • Insurance coverage remains in accordance with the terms of the shipment and the selected services.
  • DHL upholds all service guarantees and commitments, even in cases involving signature release.
  • The option to file claims for damaged or lost packages is unaffected by signature release; DHL’s liability persists.

It’s worth noting that claims against DHL for lost packages are less likely to be approved if supported by photo evidence that delivery has been made by the driver.

This is something that is happening a lot more when packages are left without a signature as this is DHL’s method of proving that delivery was actually made.

Benefits of DHL Signature Release

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There are a number of benefits to choosing signature release and that is why it has become such a popular option with DHL customers.

Advantages include:

1. Convenience

DHL Signature Release offers flexibility to recipients who may not be available to sign for their package, making it convenient for busy individuals or those with irregular schedules.

2. Efficiency

By eliminating the need for a physical signature, DHL Signature Release speeds up the delivery process, potentially reducing delays in receiving packages.

3. Reduced Redelivery Attempts

When a package does not require a signature, the chances of missed deliveries and the need for redelivery attempts are reduced.

Negatives of DHL Signature Release

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Of course, as with any service, there are some negatives that you need to be aware of:

1. Security Concerns

One of the primary drawbacks is the potential security risk.

Without a signature, there is a higher chance of unauthorized individuals receiving the package.

While DHL takes precautions, the absence of a signature could lead to theft or misdelivery.

2. Limited Control

Recipients may feel that they have less control over their deliveries, as they cannot ensure a package is handed to them directly.

3. Eligibility and Costs

Not all packages or senders may be eligible for DHL Signature Release, and any associated costs can be a drawback for some customers.

Final Words

DHL Signature Release is a service designed to streamline the package delivery process by eliminating the need for a physical signature.

It offers convenience to recipients and efficiency in the delivery process.

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