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What Does “Processing at UPS Facility” Mean? (Tracking Guide)

You’ve recently received a “Processing at UPS Facility” tracking update. What does this mean exactly?

Is your package close to delivery when you see this alert and what should you do if the tracking remains stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Summary: Processing at UPS Facility

The “Processing at UPS Facility” tracking update simply means that the package has reached a UPS sorting warehouse (facility), where it has been scanned. During processing inside the facility, it will be sorted for onward distribution and loaded onto a UPS truck destined for that locale.

Processing at UPS Facility – Guide

Red brick Facility Warehouse
Facility Warehouse (Digital Art by Me)

UPS facilities are obviously located all over the USA. When you receive the “Processing at UPS Facility” update your package could be at a facility close to the origin of the shipment.

It could also be nearing the end of the transit journey and be inside a facility close to the destination address.

To determine the location of your package, the update will include a line beneath that stipulates which facility the mail item is at.

In the example screenshot below, the tracking update was triggered in New York.

If you live here and you are the recipient, it is clear that the item is close to final delivery.

Processing at UPS Facility

As explained in the summary above, ” processing ” is a catch-all phrase for what will take place inside the facility.

Namely, the package will be unloaded from a feeder truck that delivered the item to the warehouse.

It will then be scanned, (triggering the “Processing at UPS Facility” update) and machine sorted for distribution toward the location of the recipient.

If the facility is close to the destination address, the truck that the item is loaded onto will likely complete the final delivery.

Suppose the distance is too far, and the package has to pass through another facility before final delivery.

In that case, that facility will be the end destination for the next section of transit.

How Long Will my Tracking be Stuck on “Processing at UPS Facility”?

clock inside a warehouse
Clock in a Warehouse (Digital Art by Me)

It should take no more than 48hrs for a package to pass through a UPS facility.

In fact, expedited premium deliveries should be even faster in order for the shipment to arrive within the allocated delivery time.

One update to look out for that signifies the package is passing through the facility as it should is a “Warehouse Scan” UPS.

This basically means that processing through the facility is taking place.

The next step will be loading onto the UPS vehicle for the next stage of the transit journey, (in whatever form that may take).

Tracking Stuck on “Processing at UPS Facility”

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Clearly, if several days pass with no new tracking information it will seem as if the package has become stuck.

On an expedited delivery service where it looks as if the delivery date will not be met, I recommend calling UPS within 48hrs of the item being inside the facility (with no sign of further transit).

On slower, economy deliveries you will need to be more patient. However, 3 to 5 days without movement is grounds to call UPS for further information.

You should also allow more time for UPS international shipments as any follow-up scan, (and therefore tracking update) will take longer to happen.

However long you wait before making inquiries, UPS customer services can be contacted here.

What Happens After a “Processing at UPS Facility” Update?

UPS Van on City Street
UPS Van on City Street (Digital Art by Me)

As mentioned, you may receive a “Warehouse Scan” update signifying that the item is processed in line with normal procedures. 

Some UPS services will also utilize a “Loaded on Delivery Vehicle” or “In Transit” tracking update to inform customers that the item is “On the Way” (the latter also being an alert regularly used by UPS).

Final Words

Essentially, the “Processing at UPS Facility” tracking update is a common alert to receive when using UPS services.

It is used to notify customers that the package has reached a UPS facility (either close to the origin, intermediate location, or near the final destination), and is being processed for onward distribution.

Only when your tracking is stuck for several days should you be concerned enough to make inquiries into the potential delay.

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