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Does UPS Leave Packages in the Rain?

Does UPS Leave Packages in the Rain? That’s what we will answer today.

It is a valid question. It’s raining and you’re not at home and you are wondering if UPS will leave that important package that you expect to be arriving today.

The good news is that UPS drivers are able to leave packages when it is raining if the circumstances are right.

Note the wording there… they will not leave your package in the rain, but will attempt a safe method of delivery.

Let’s take a look.

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SUMMARY: Does UPS Leave Packages in the Rain?

  • UPS drivers are provided with plastic bags to protect items from rain
  • UPS drivers will leave packages in a covered area near an entrance door if possible
  • If a UPS driver leaves a package and you do not pick it up in a timely manner, they are not at fault if it begins to rain after they have delivered.
  • You can leave special instructions for a UPS delivery in case of rain

UPS Deliveries in the Rain

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As we have established, a UPS driver will leave packages when it is raining. However, common sense does prevail here.

UPS drivers have plastic bags to wrap the package in. They will also look for a covered area to leave the package in wet weather.

However, if neither a safe covered area is available or the package is too large for the bags that the driver has, they will not deliver.

Instead, the driver will leave a delivery notice. This will provide information on the attempted delivery, (citing potential package damage due to the poor weather).

The driver will often state that they will attempt redelivery the following day.

You will also have the opportunity to reschedule delivery or you can arrange to pick it up at a UPS store.

Are UPS Packages Waterproof?

ups package waterproof

If the shipper has used UPS boxes or packaging without any extra protection against water damage, (i.e plastic covering), then the package will not be waterproof.

UPS packaging is made from corrugated cardboard.

Yes, these are sturdy, however, they are designed to protect the contents from the knocks and bumps that occur during transit. They are not designed for sitting out in the rain.

As mentioned, to mitigate this UPS drivers will use waterproof plastic bags to protect the package if it’s raining or looks as if it will.

A covered and protected area outside the recipient’s home is the preferred approach, however.

Who is Eligible for a Package Damaged by Rain?

UPS package on doorstep in the rain

If the driver leaves the package during a rainstorm and has not made sufficient efforts to protect the item and it is damaged as a result of rain, you can file a claim.

However, if the package was left in fine weather and it rains later in the day, it will be difficult for you to make a claim.

There is an expectation that the recipient retrieves the package in a timely manner.

If several hours pass and in that time rain occurs and you haven’t taken the item inside, UPS is not at fault.

What Can I do to Ensure a UPS Will Leave a Package in the Rain?

Does UPS Leave Packages in the Rain?

There are a few steps you can take to ensure that your UPS package will be successfully delivered in wet weather.

Special Instructions

We recommended that you leave special instructions with UPS on where to leave the package if it’s raining.

You could designate a safe, dry area outside your home and leave directions in the “delivery notes” section of the shipment, (you can access this via your UPS tracking number).

This makes life a lot easier for the UPS driver and will ensure that your package is left whatever the weather.

Install a Storage Container

Another tip is to purchase and install a plastic delivery container somewhere outside your home. On the front porch, or near a side entrance for example.

If this is made obvious to the driver (either by regular use or special instructions), the container will make an excellent drop-off point for your UPS packages.

Do UPS Stop Delivering in Bad Weather?

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In most situations, UPS drivers will continue to make deliveries in bad weather.

A heavy rain, hail, or snowstorm will rarely stop a UPS driver from completing deliveries. You might experience delays but this should be expected.

There are of course some scenarios where drivers will stop delivering.

This all comes down to safety. If the weather is so bad that it is dangerous to be on the road, then clearly, UPS trucks will not be doing their rounds.

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Severe weather that would halt UPS deliveries includes:

  • Tornado and hurricane warnings, watches, or advisories
  • Blizzards, severe snowstorms, and black ice conditions
  • Extreme temperatures heat stroke or frostbite
  • Wildfires or earthquakes

If the weather in your area is turning severe and you are not sure whether your UPS package will arrive, you should check the UPS Service Alerts page.

Your UPS package tracking number will also notify you of delivery delays during bad weather.

Final Words

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UPS drivers will leave packages when it’s raining. However, to do so the conditions have to be right.

The driver will only leave the package if it is safe to do so and there is no chance of water damage occurring.

To this end, they will look for a dry spot in a covered area and/or will wrap the packaged item in a plastic bag.

And as we have seen from this article, there are various steps you can take to help ensure your UPS package is successfully delivered in the rain.

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  1. I request that all deliveries be left by my SIDE DOOR next to garage.
    Last night I received a package left out by my front door/deck which is NOT VIABLE for me to use. I’m Elderly and had to go outdoors to retrieve this package and carry it to the Side Door.


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