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Batch Delivery to Carrier: Tracking Guide

You’ve ordered an item from a popular Ecommerce platform and have received a “Batch Delivery to Carrier” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and what happens next?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Batch Delivery to Carrier

The “Batch Delivery to Carrier” tracking update means that the seller or eCommerce platform responsible for the dispatch of the shipment order has done so in a batch manner. In other words, the package has been grouped together with other shipments of similar type or destination and handed over to the carrier.

Batch Delivery to Carrier – Guide

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The update is actually rather self-explanatory once you break it down.

Batch means that the shipment has been grouped into a batch with other orders, and delivery to carrier basically means that it has been handed over to the carrier responsible for shipping the items.

Importantly, it does not make any difference to the progress of your item.

Batching similar items or shipments destined for the same area is a common method of shipping, as it clearly increases efficiency and speed.

A large eCommerce platform will hand over thousands of items a day to a particular carrier, (the “Batch Delivery to Carrier” update is often used by Yanwen, an economy carrier used by both AliExpress and Shein).

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Grouping shipments into batches inside the fulfillment center makes it easier for the carrier once they have the batched items within the delivery network. 

For example, I live in Croatia. If items are batched together at the origin and are destined for the same import location in Europe, it streamlines the process and means that each item does not have to be sorted individually once the carrier has them.

Yanwen, or whatever other carrier service is responsible, knows that each shipment within the batch is due to be dispatched to the same location.

Until that location is reached, the batch will travel and be scanned as a whole, sharing the same tracking updates throughout.

What Happens After a “Batch Delivery to Carrier” Update?

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The batch will still arrive at the carrier sort facility once it has the shipments within the delivery infrastructure.

The batch will then be sorted for dispatch to the relevant location for export overseas, (in the case of an international shipment of course).

Yanwen tracking updates to expect include, “Yanwen Facility Outbound” and “In transit, Departed Waypoint”.

After this, you can expect alerts in association with customs clearance and export out of China.

Tracking Stuck on “Batch Delivery to Carrier”

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Your tracking may end up stuck on this update, not because the package isn’t moving, but rather because you are not receiving fresh updates from the carrier.

Yanwen is renowned for this. Furthermore, the carrier will often not provide any more updates once the shipment leaves China.

If this is the case, you can try to locate new alerts via a universal tracking app, (we recommend 17Track or ParcelsApp).

You should also keep an eye on the scheduled delivery window, and ensure that you open any dispute for non-delivery before the gurantee period runs out.

Final Words

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Overall, the “Batch Delivery to Carrier” alert simply means that the package has been handed over to the carrier while being grouped with other shipments destined for a similar region.

The package as it at the beginning of the journey, as it has only just left the fulfillment center or warehouse of the e-commerce platform/seller.

With the update normally being used by Yanwen, you can still expect to wait several weeks before the item is delivered.

Because of this, you should exercise patience if the tracking ends up stuck. In most situations the shipment is moving, you are just not being made aware of the progress in real-time.

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