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An Additional Inspection of the Shipment is Taking Place

You are expecting a package from Deutsche Post and have received an “An Additional Inspection of the Shipment is Taking Place in the Country of Origin” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly, and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: An Additional Inspection of the Shipment is Taking Place in the Country of Origin

This update from Deutsche Post means that customs staff in the origin country have the shipment for further inspection. This could be closer inspection of the contents of the package, and/or the details, value, destination, etc.

Deutsche Post: Tracking Guide

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When sending a package it is always a concern to hear that customs has the shipment and is inspecting it.

The tracking alert in question states precisely that.

In a situation where Deutsche Post will be delivering an international shipment arriving in Germany, it will have been sent by a postal carrier present in the origin country.

Once this carrier hands the package over to customs for export, for a short time (or long, depending on the circumstances) it will not be the responsibility of that carrier.

Furthermore, Deutsche Post will not have the package within its delivery network at this stage.

Suppose customs decides on further inspection of the shipment.

In that case, (whether it was provoked by suspicion or simply a spot check), there is nothing the carrier or either party (i.e. sender or recipient) can do.

Customs will carry out the inspection and until that is completed, you will have to wait and the shipment will be at a standstill.

Why is Customs Inspecting the Package?

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Firstly, it is important to understand that there doesn’t necessarily have to be an issue with the shipment for customs to check it.

Very often the inspection is triggered on a random basis.

If this is the case, and there are no issues with the package, it will be handed back to the carrier or to a line-haul service for shipment abroad.

However, if the inspection is triggered because of a suspicion as to the contents or documentation of the item, export might be blocked, if an issue arises.

Issues That Could Impact Export


The problems that might exist to prevent the item from being exported include;

  • Contents of the shipment on a restricted list
  • The country of destination is on a restricted list
  • Package contents valued incorrectly
  • Export documentation incorrect or incomplete
  • Damage to the package and contents (leaking batteries etc)
  • Taxes and duties owed, (this is usually an issue during import, however).

Helpfully, customs at the origin country will contact the sender if these issues occur, with most of them being solved just by providing more information, or duties being paid.

Tracking Stuck on “An Additional Inspection of the Shipment is Taking Place in the Country of Origin”

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Customs can take time to carry out these inspections so do not be surprised if your tracking is stuck for several days.

That being said, a sender will want to contact the origin carrier service if the package seems to be stuck for more than 5 business days, (and arguably even sooner on an expedited international delivery).

Unfortunately, because the package is currently stuck inside the origin country, there is little the recipient can do.

If you are the recipient and you are frustrated with the lack of progress, your best course of action is to contact the sender to make inquiries.

Final Words


Overall, this update means that customs within the origin country is taking a closer inspection of the shipment.

In most cases, this will be a random spot-check and as long as there are no issues with the package contents or documentation, the item will be on its way again within a day or two.

If this doesn’t happen, or customs have a problem with the shipment, the sender will be contacted and will need to take appropriate action.

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