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How to Add Clickable UPS Tracking Numbers to Emails


How do you embed a clickable UPS tracking number into an email?

If you are sending a package to a friend, or maybe it is part of your business and you want your customer to be updated on the delivery, embedding the tracking code into an email is useful.

Of course, you could simply cut and paste the number into an email or message and the recipient could use this on the UPS tracking website page.

However, wouldn’t it be much more convenient if your friend/customer could simply click the link you send them and be sent straight to the tracking details page of the package.

Well, that’s exactly what we look into today.

How to embed a clickable UPS Tracking Number

Method 1: Via the UPS shipment order page

This first method needs to be set up when you make the initial order with UPS.

When going through the ordering process on the UPS website you will reach a form where you have to enter in the details of the recipient.

This is the “Where is this shipment going?” section.

tracking numbers in emails

Here, it is important that you add a valid, working email address of the recipient. (Note, this is not compulsory for the order to go through, however, you will need it for sending a clickable tracking-number link).

You will then go through various other sections of the order: “What are you shipping?” and “How would you like to ship?” etc.

The next important section appears after these on the “Almost Done, let’s check a few more details” page.

UPS Shipping update emails

Here you will need to tick the “Add or modify email notifications” box. This will give you the option of adding the recipient’s email and then ticking what kind of notifications they will receive.

You can also include a personal message to be added to the notification. This is especially useful for business users that are looking to increase the level of service they provide to their customers.

From here, you click continue and will be led to the payment pages. Once you are happy with your order you can click “Ship” to initiate the shipment.

This will open a new, confirmation page with full details of the order, including the tracking number that has been attached to the shipment.

Because you entered the recipient’s email and requested for email notifications to be sent, the recipient will receive a copy of this confirmation page in their inbox.

This will contain a clickable link of the tracking number.

Once clicked, they will be redirected straight to the UPS tracking page for the package, making it a very convenient way for the recipient to keep up to date on the progress of the delivery.

They will also receive update emails as requested by you during the ordering process.

[Note: You will also have the option to have notifications sent via text. If you have the recipient’s mobile phone number, you can enable this to give them access to shipment details and tracking updates].


What if you do not have the recipient’s email address at the time of making the order. Or you just want to embed a clickable tracking code link into an email after the order has been made.

How do you do this manually?

Fortunately, even for the least tech-savvy people, it is not very difficult. Let’s take the process step by step. 

Step 1

Begin creating your email message to the recipient using their email address.

Step 2

Place relevant details in the subject line of the email so that the recipient is aware that it is about the UPS delivery. This will also help them locate the email every time they wish to redirect themselves to the UPS Tracking page.

Step 3

Email embed ups tracking link

In the body of the email, (i.e the main part where you are writing the message), you will need to embed the clickable UPS tracking link.)

You will need to do this on a separate line within the email by simply copying and pasting the following code:

Step 4

This next part is important. You will need to replace “1ZXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” with the UPS tracking number of the package you are sending.

Step 5

Once you have finished writing the email, send it across to the recipient. They will now have a fully clickable link that will take them directly to the UPS tracking information page of the shipment.

Final Words

There you have it, two ways in which you can ensure the recipient of your UPS package can be kept updated on the delivery via embedded email tracking codes.

Good communication is vital when shipping goods to others. Making it convenient for your recipients to track their packages, makes for happier customers.

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