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UPS 3 Day Select: What is It? How To Order & More


UPS 3 Day Select is a popular delivery option. UPS describes it as an “ideal mix of economy and on-time delivery or your money back”, and this goes a long way to explain why it has become so popular.

If you want to send a less time-sensitive mail item, yet are still looking for a reasonable delivery time with a guarantee, UPS 3 Day Select could well be the service to opt for.

Add that to the fact it is considered economy classed shipping, and you have a lot of reasons why 3 Day Select is so widely used.

All the same, what exactly is UPS 3 Day Select? How do you make an order? And when should you use it?

Today, we will answer all that and more….

What is UPS 3 Day Select?

UPS 3 Day Select is a shipping option offered by UPS that provides guaranteed delivery by the end of the third business day to the 48 contiguous states.

In some areas, Saturday Delivery and pickup are available too.

UPS offers 3 Day select as a door-to-door service. It even provides in-house customs clearance too. Finally, up to three delivery attempts are included within the order.

How to Make a UPS 3 Day Select Order

Due to the amount of shipping label order websites online these days there are a number of ways to make a UPS 3 Day Select shipment.

For the purposes of this article, we shall look at the ways of ordering via UPS.

Clearly, your local UPS store is one way. Simply take your package to the store, have it weighed, and request for UPS 3 Day Select delivery.

Printing a label at home via the UPS website is simple too.

Let’s take a look.

Create a shipment with UPS 3 Day Select

To create a shipment with UPS 3 Day Select® you first head to the UPS website and select 3 Day Select shipping.

UPS Shipping 3 day select

This will take you to the screen above where you first fill in the sender’s details. This can include the business name and important contact details such as email and phone number so that you can receive tracking details and be contactable if any issues occur with the order.

You will then reach a screen where you fill in the details of where the parcel is going, i.e that of the recipient.

After this, you reach a screen that will ask you for details of the package.

UPS Shipping 3 day select how to make an order

As you can see from the screenshot above, details such as the dimensions and weight of the package are entered here. You can also opt to use a UPS package: UPS Tube, PAK, Express Box, etc are all part of the options with 3 Day Select.

Declared Value is important in terms of the level of insurance required.

You can also add extra options to your order such as signature upon delivery, delivery confirmations, and C.O.D (collect payment from the receiver upon delivery).

The next screen is to confirm the type of service and whether you would like the package picked up or you plan to drop it off at a UPS dropoff point.

UPS Shipping 3 day select order 2

You can select the day of pickup/dropoff and choose from the fastest delivery offered, a recommended option, or the cheapest form of delivery.

The final screen before you make payment and print out your label is to confirm some details of what you are shipping. This should be a description of the shipment contents in 35 characters or less.

You can also choose to offset your carbon footprint for a nominal fee.

UPS Shipping final options 3 day select

And there you have it. After making payment, you will have access to your shipping label for printing and attachment to your parcel.

UPS 3 Day Select: Arranging Pickup or Dropoff

Now that you have your package is ready, you will have to either wait for UPS pickup or make a dropoff, (dependent on what you selected during the ordering process.)

For UPS pick up you will have selected a time window for the driver to collect the package. Simply make sure you are at that location for the pickup.

If you have chosen dropoff, you will need to visit your nearest dropoff location, (you can find your nearest here).

UPS 3 Day Select Important FAQ’s

How do I track a UPS 3 Day Select shipment?

Track UPS 3 Day Select® shipment is easy. You will have been provided with a tracking number with the confirmation of your order.

Use that tracking number on the UPS tracking shipment page online (or via the app) and you will be able to view the transit progress of the package.

This tracking number can also be given to your customer if you are shipping a product to them.

What are the maximum dimensions & weight with UPS 3 Day Select?

UPS 3 Day select has generous terms when it comes to maximum weight and package dimensions. They are as follows:

  • Weight: 150 lbs.
  • Length: 108 inches
  • Volume: 165 inches

What can I ship with UPS 3 Day Select?

UPS 3 Day Select® is a service with few restrictions beyond the standard parcel regulations abided by all carriers. That being said, for a full list see the UPS website page detailing restricted items.

What Courier Liability is provided by UPS 3 Day Select?

UPS offers up to $100 courier liability when customers ship items using UPS 3 Day select. Insurance can be added whether you are ordering through UPS or through a 3rd party shipping company.

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