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Where Can I Print a USPS Shipping Label if I Don’t have a Printer?


You want to use the very convenient USPS Clink-N-Ship and you don’t have a printer. What are your options?

There are a few, and today we will look at some of the best ones.

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Where to Print USPS Labels if you don’t have a Printer, Key Points:

  • You can now create your USPS shipping label online, scan the QR Code with your phone & have the Post Office print it for you.
  • You can visit a friend with a printer and make your label there
  • You can visit your local library or internet cafe and use the facilities there
  • You can use the printing facilities at your workplace

Printing a USPS shipping label if you don’t have a printer?


The most convenient way of printing a USPS shipping label if you don’t have a printer is via a QR code.

In late 2020 USPS began a service that allowed customers without easy access to a printer to have their shipping label printed at the Post Office.

In a forward-thinking initiative, USPS integrated its Click-N-Ship service with Label Broker.

This allows customers to use Click-N-Ship to create a USPS online shipping label on a device of their choosing, (i.e mobile phone, laptop, etc).

After creating your shipping label online, the customer without a printer can request that an email be sent to them with the label QR code.

This is done via a unique Label Broker ID that is provided when you create your shipping label.

The customer can then head to the post office with the package. They show the emailed QR code to a USPS staff member. The label will then be printed by the post office, attached to the package, and be sent.

Excellent service for those that need to print a USPS shipping label but don’t have a printer.


Note: not all post offices currently participate in the initiative, so check ahead with your local post office first.

Other ways of Printing a USPS Shipping Label if You Don’t Have a Printer

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There are of course some other ways to print your USPS shipping label when you don’t have a printer. Some are more convenient than others.

1. Call on a Friend with a Printer

If you know someone nearby with a printer you can ask to use it. To save time, you could email your label across to them and have them print it for you for later pick up.

Or you can put the label on a memory flashcard and visit your friend to print it yourself.

2. Use Local Facilities – Library, Internet Cafe, Co-working Space


There are still local printing facilities in many places. Internet cafes may be thin on the ground these days, however, most areas have a local library with printing facilities.

You might also be a member of a co-working space. The printing facilities could be used there for your USPS shipping label.

Ultimately, you will need to have access to the USPS shipping label once you arrive at the facility. Email access and/or having a backup on a flashcard will be necessary.

Finally, if you are based in an office, you could resort to printing your label at work. Most employees would not begrudge an employer using the facilities to print out a label.

This one is based on how miserable your boss is, or how good you are at hiding the fact.

Final Words

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There have always been options for printing USPS shipping labels without owning a printer.

However, it is not always convenient to have to call on a friend or visit the library. Thankfully, the Click-N-Ship integration with Label Broker makes things a whole lot easier.

Just create the label online with USPS Click-N-Ship, request the QR code, and visit your local post office. This new approach means the only added step is receiving the QR code.

In fact, it is more convenient. Now you don’t have to mess around at home with printers, paper jams, and ink refills. It is all done at the post office.

Just check in advance to make sure that your local USPS has this facility, however.

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