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What Does “Urge Delivery” Mean on Shein?

You’ve made an order with Shein and on your tracking page you see an option to “Urge Delivery”, (or Urge Dispatch in some regions). 

What does this mean exactly? What will happen to your shipment if you select this option and does it make any difference?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Urge Delivery Meaning in Shein

Urge Delivery in Shein means that where possible the carrier responsible for the shipment will be urged to expedite the delivery. You can select this option if it is available at no extra cost. However, there are no guarantees that the shipment will arrive any faster.

Urge Delivery Meaning in Shein – Guide

Truth be told, urging a delivery or dispatch in Shein rarely has any discernible impact on the speed of the delivery.

If you select this option within your Shein tracking page you should see this response:

We have received your feedback and will contact the logistics provider as soon as possible to urge. If there is any abnormality in your logistics, SHEIN will take the initiative to contact you, please wait patiently for your order

However, when you look online, very few customers who have selected urge delivery have noticed any difference in the arrival speed of their order.

In some cases, Shein will offer this expedited attempt when a shipment is already behind schedule. 

However, other than that, the option to urge delivery seems to be quite arbitrary.

I have made more than 10 orders through Shein this year alone, (I generally do one a month); and the option has never been made available to me.

Does Urge Delivery With Shein Cost More?

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The answer is no, you will not be charged extra to use the urge option.

Essentially, if you see this in the tracking area of your Shein account, you may as well select it.

As I covered earlier in the article, there are no guarantees that the logistics provider will act upon the Shein urge request, (or even have the means to. As mentioned here, they are generally economy carriers that are used).

That being said, you have nothing to lose considering the delivery price will remain the same.

Is There Anything Else to Be Concerned About?

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Generally speaking, this does seem like a rather superfluous option that Shein offers.

One online comment from a customer said that they actually called Shein to ask about the option, and were told that they could select it, but it wouldn’t affect the order.

It does beg the question, “Why the hell include it then!?”

The fact is, maybe some Shein customers have seen the benefit but due to the fact they were satisfied, they had no reason to start commenting online.

If you fall into that category and are reading this now… please tell us. Did urging delivery on your order help and if so, how much faster did your package arrive?

Overall though, if you do see this option in your tracking, press it… at the very least you know it won’t be detrimental to the delivery speed. 

And on the plus side, you might get lucky…

14 thoughts on “What Does “Urge Delivery” Mean on Shein?”

  1. And also in December the oder was returned back to shein from Buffalo and ihad to pay double the tax it’s really unfair. Am now fed up because now the second oder is held at Buffalo since the 24th of December with no effects idnt think all be able to buy from you again this is really a big huge disappointment 😢

  2. I would like to change the courier,from Aramex it’s very expensive,how do I change it nd if there isn’t any cheaper one cn I be able to pick up my parcels from the warehouse????

  3. I had ordered my items on Shein on Jan 19th. Then on Jan 26th I had the option for “urging dispatch” for my package and I clicked it to see if my package would possibly deliver sooner (why not try right?) because my estimated delivery time was Feb 02-03. Today, Jan 27th my package was delivered!!! So if you have the option you might have a chance it will deliver sooner than the estimated delivery time. Hope this helps!

    • Oh yes. R1,050.00 guarantees Free Shipping. Buffalo requires Duties. Very different. Bear in mind that if your order incurs shipping cost it does also still incur duties.

  4. It looks like they only offer it when the package is already ahead or behind the schedule. I was tracking the package through a third party and the urge button only appeared when the package was already coming within 24h (5 days ahead of schedule). On the other hand I’ve seen it appear when the package is late to give customers placebo effect that they are doing something.

  5. my order is supposed to come tomorrow or saturday. until today i’ve seen the urging dispatch and i clicked on it. we will see if it affects when it’s suppose to come.

  6. I ordered on the 02/Feb/2024 and pressed the urgent delivery button. 2 of my colleagues ordered on the before me on the 30th Jan and on the 1st Feb and they did not press the button. I received my order on the 13th while theirs still waiting clearance for I think it does help


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