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DPD Parcel Delayed Due to Unexpected Issue – What To Do

You’re expecting a delivery from DPD and have received a “Parcel Delayed Due to Unexpected Issue” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? When will your package arrive and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: DPD Parcel Delayed Due to Unexpected Issue

The DPD “Parcel Delayed Due to Unexpected Issue” alert is a catch-all explanation that is used when a delay has occurred with a shipment. High package volumes, technical issues, bad weather, staff shortages – if it has caused a problem in the delivery network in terms of the arrival time of your package, DPD will send this update.

DPD Parcel Delayed Due to Unexpected Issue – Guide

DPD Parcel Delayed Due to Unexpected Issue

Essentially, when you see this update DPD is telling you that your package will possibly be delayed.

Sometimes you may also get further information to state that the package has been rerouted, or is now available at another depot.

The bottom line is, something has happened that has caused your package to potentially be later than the delivery window stated when the order was made.

What Are the Unexpected Issues?

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As stated in the summary above; if it can cause a problem in the DPD delivery network, it can be classed as an “Unexpected Issue” that has caused your delivery to be late.

In the U.K. over Christmas 2022 and the beginning of 2023, Royal Mail strikes placed a real burden on the national delivery network that impacted all carrier companies.

Customers were using alternate methods to send their packages (rather than Parcel Force).

DPD was not alone in experiencing a huge uptick in package delivery volumes and the net result was delivery delays. 

Many people were sent the “DPD Parcel Delayed Due to Unexpected Issue” alert during the Royal Mail strike days. 


More general issues such as technical problems in a specific facility (meaning a backlog as parcels cannot be adequately sorted) can cause delays that will also trigger the update.

Staff shortages (Covid or Flue season), bad winter weather preventing access to certain areas, even traffic causing the DPD driver to fail in making the full deliveries on a single day… all of these hold-ups are reasons you might be receiving the “DPD Parcel Delayed Due to Unexpected Issue” update.

What to do After Receiving This DPD Alert?

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The main stance to take after receiving this alert is to be patient.

You haven’t received this update because there is a problem with your specific package (or the contents). 

You have received it because of a delay.

Importantly, DPD knows about the delay and will (should) do all it can to mitigate it.

In an attempt to find out more about the delay, you could head to this page (for UK customers).

This will show you the service disruptions being experienced in the DPD network.

If your postcode shows up, you know why your package is delayed.

However, this will not always provide more information.

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Keeping an eye on your DPD tracking page is also a good idea as a new delivery time will be sent to you in due course.

Only if more than a couple of business days pass without further notice of the new delivery date, would I recommend that you contact DPD.

You can do this via the live chat feature.

As I say, as frustrating as it is, DPD knows about the issue, and with any luck, your package will be delivered with only minimal delay.

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