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Sort Facility Dongguan – Details & Tracking Guide

Sort Facility Dongguan is a large mail sorting and distribution facility located in Dongguan city in central Guangdong Province, China.

It is the main sort facility owned by China Post in that region.

Where is Sort Facility Dongguan Located?

Sort Facility Dongguan

There are actually several China Post sort facilities for international shipments in Dongguan.

One is called the Dongguan Express Processing Center, the other is simply Dongguan Sort Facility.

There are also smaller sort facilities in the area that will then dispatch items to the larger international facilities.

dog chasing its tail
Package progress out if China can seem like a dog chasing its tail!

To confuse matters more when it comes to tracking your package, (and the number of facilities it may possibly pass through before leaving China); international packages shipped by air from this region, do so from Shenzhen airport.

This means that after a “Sort Facility Dongguan” tracking alert, you may receive another update stating that your package has just arrived at Shenzhen Sorting Center.

Essentially, shipments from China can take time, and the crisscrossing of regional facilities before items reach the export location only adds to this.

Sort Facility Dongguan – Related Tracking Updates

woman on computer

There are two main tracking updates you can expect in relation to Dongguan.

One is “Arrived at Sort Facility Dongguan”, the other is (yes you’ve guessed it), “Departed Sort Facility Dongguan“.

While the nature of these alerts is obvious, and more relevant question would be how long does it take between these updates?

In other words, how long does it take a package to pass through “Sort Facility Dongguan”?

Unfortunately, that is like asking how long is a piece of string, (that neither you nor I have ever seen).

covid lockdown

Variables such as seasonal volumes, technical issues, and more prevalent in recent years, staff levels due to Coronavirus will impact the speed of the shipment process in these facilities.

Large parts of Dongguan were under strict lockdown measures during the Covid outbreak and this had a terrible knock-on effect on shipments out of the region.

On the good end of the spectrum, a package could pass through in just 2 days and be on the way to the airport for export.

On the bad end of the spectrum, it can literally take two or more weeks.

Tracking Stuck on Sort Facility Dongguan

frustrated man on laptop

There is also a situation where the tracking may cease to update altogether.

This means that you have no idea where your shipment is and whether it is actually stuck (or lost) inside the facility or in fact on its way.

There are a number of issues at play here.

I advise that you go through the following steps if it seems your package is stuck.

1. Universal Tracking App


First, check the details of your shipment via a universal tracking app.

China Post tracking can be scant at the best of times.

Furthermore, if the item has left the Sort Facility Dongguan and been handed over to a different carrier for overseas transit, you may not be receiving updates from the new carrier.

A free service such as 17Track and Parcelsapp will help if this is the case.

It will scan the database of hundreds of carriers and if your tracking number shows progress elsewhere, the app will show details of it.

With any luck, your item has been moving all along and is making good progress.

2. Keep Track of Your Buyer’s Guarantee

buyer guarantee-period

The next step, I am sorry to say, is to wait longer.

Even a two-week period of no new updates is common enough for me to say do not worry at this stage.

That being said, AliExpress, Wish, Shien, etc all provide buyer guarantee periods (60 days in the case of AliExpress).

These long potential delivery windows are an indication of how long you can expect to wait for your package.

Make yourself aware of the length of time in relation to the platform you used to make your order, and when this draws to a close, start making inquiries.

This would involve contacting the seller through the platform and/or opening a dispute about non-delivery.

In most cases, you will be covered for a replacement item to be sent or a refund.

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  1. My packet number:
    Shipment Updates
    (in carrier’s local time)
    Times are in local time of the checkpoint location.
    Apr 19 2023 05:50 pm
    Delivered to the sender
    Apr 19 2023 08:00 am
    The parcel has been returned to the sender—-dongguan,CN
    dongguan, China
    Apr 15 2023 02:50 pm
    Arrived at Sort Facility dongguan
    dongguan, China
    Apr 12 2023 12:51 pm
    Shipment information received.
    I wonder if you mind send to me .it’s happened a mistake. Please send to me address in Spain

    • Hi there,

      As you state, the shipment has been returned to sender in China. You should contact them about having the item sent to your home address in Spain.


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