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Arrived at Pickup Point DHL – Tracking Guide

You’re expecting a delivery via DHL and have received an “Arrived at Pickup Point” status update.

What does this mean exactly? Are you expected to collect your own package? And where is the pick-up point? 

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: DHL Arrived at Pickup Point

The “Arrived at Pickup Point” status alert means that the shipment has reached a pick-up point where the DHL driver will collect the parcel for delivery. It is not a pick-up location for the recipient to collect the item.

DHL Arrived at Pickup Point – Guide

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This particular alert can understandably cause confusion.

However, when used by DHL it means that the package has reached a facility local to the destination address and is ready for the designated driver to pick up the package for final delivery.

The confusion comes from the fact a customer thinks that the alert is telling them that their package has “Arrived at Pickup Point” and that they need to collect it.

That being said, if the DHL driver has made an attempt to deliver the package and no one was around to sign for it, you may receive the “Arrived at Pickup Point” alert after the driver drops the shipment back at the facility.

In these circumstances, the package should go out for redelivery the following business day.

Here, I would advise that you keep an eye on your DHL tracking to ensure that this happens and that you are not expected to make alternative arrangements.

How Long Until Delivery After an “Arrived at Pickup Point” Alert?

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As the DHL driver will be collecting the shipment for delivery at the closest opportunity, your package is very close when you receive this update.

In fact, if you see this update at the very beginning of the day, it is possible you will receive the item later that same day.

Look out for an “Out for delivery” alert to confirm this.

At the very least, the package should be loaded onto the DHL truck the following business day, with your delivery taking place within operating hours.

Tracking Stuck on “Arrived at Pickup Point”

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So what should you do if you receive this status alert and there is no sign of your item for several days?

Quite simply, you will need to contact DHL.

The scenario described above where the parcel is at the pick-up point and the recipient is expected to collect may well have occurred.

The absence of further details means you will need to speak to someone at DHL (have your tracking number ready), to see what the delay is.

The representative will be able to confirm whether a collection is required.

You will also be able to set out alternative delivery options too.

How to Find Your Nearest DHL Pick-up Location


If it transpires that you will need to collect your package, (or this is something that you would like to arrange), you can find the address details of your local DHL pick-up point here.

Whether it is a customer-facing facility, vending machine, or a third-party business with an operating relationship with DHL, there are a number of options available.

However, understandably there are fewer locations in more remote areas.

Final Words


Essentially, this alert means that your package is close.

Whether the item is inside a DHL facility or already inside the van for delivery, the next location is the recipient’s address.

Once any issues are resolved, delivery or collection can take place shortly afterward.

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